How To De Addict From Smoking

So, you are wondering how to de-addict from smoking.

If so, read on to discover some of the most mind blowing tricks and techniques that have been used time and again by successful ex-smokers to achieve their goal of quitting smoking.

But before we begin, it is important to know why people choose to light up.

You see, all cigarette smokers are addicted to some level and there is a certain withdrawal process which they are bound to go through when they are trying to give up this habit.

But that being said, if you can manage to break this nasty habit, then you will be one step closer to living your life without any traces of tobacco in your system.

The reason behind the addiction is that nicotine creates a dependency on the drug, thereby making the smoker craves for it even more and letting him or her know that he or she has got to have it now or risk suffering withdrawal and pain.

This is how the habit gets into your bloodstream and your brain – you may never know that it has already entered your body until you wake up one morning and suddenly realize that you do not feel normal.

This is the time you know you have to kick the smoking habit and live your life normally again.

To make your attempt easier, you will need to know some of the top ways on how to addict from smoking. You might think that these methods are rather strange and complicated and you might even consider them to be useless.

However, you will be amazed at how effective they are. Read on to discover some of the most mind blowing tricks and techniques that have helped many people overcome their addiction to smoking.

You can always rely on nature to help you. One great example of this is by having a cup of hot herbal tea or cocoa whenever you feel the need to smoke.

These are natural stimulants and they will help your mind stay away from your habit. There is no harm in enjoying hot beverages and you can enjoy them anytime you feel like it.

Another trick on how to addict from smoking is by performing other activities that will distract your mind from smoking.

If you are afraid that you will start smoking again after you have finished with your coffee, try walking or jogging instead.

Reading books or watching movies will also help in taking your mind off smoking and you will feel less tempted to smoke.

Think of something else instead of smoking. Another example will be to sing simple songs and make music to calm yourself. T

hese activities are good substitutes for cigarettes, because you will not be able to taste the tar and the nicotine.

Try to stay away from smokers. If you cannot avoid being around people who smoke, at least limit your exposure. If possible, find a neighbor who does not smoke on a daily basis.

It will help you keep your mental focus on your tasks at work or in school instead of dwelling on your bad experience last time you smoked.

-Learn to develop new behaviors to help you deal with your addiction. This is one of the best tips on how to addict from smoking as there is no point in being dependent on something.

You will develop new ways of looking at things and coping with problems if you stop smoking; you will not feel sorry for yourself for smoking at the end of each day.

-Learn to appreciate the benefits of quitting smoking. You will feel less stressed and you will feel less cravings because you will not have those pangs of withdrawal whenever you think about smoking.

You can actually enjoy certain things and activities that you would normally have avoided if you were still smoking.

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