5 Law of Attraction Hurdles and Obstacles to Overcome


There are 5 basic hurdles and obstacles to be aware of when working with the law of attraction. These hurdles can stop you dead in your tracks and leave you wondering where you went wrong with no idea what happened if your not aware of them and if you don’t work to overcome them. Though simple in concept to understand and over come, they do take time and practice to fix and work with.

1. Emotional addictions are the first hurdle you should be made aware of. Each of us has habituated specific emotional addictions. Yes, you are addicted to emotions. Understanding that you are addicted to emotions allows you to begin to recognize how you create and attract specific situations in your life in order to sustain that emotional addiction. This begins to allow you to start developing emotional addictions for positive emotions in order to speed up and utilize the law of attraction better.

2. Infinite wheel spinning. You get what you focus on and you focus on what you get. This is just one of the infinite wheel spinning loops that can catch you up when working with the law of attraction. These loops often happen without our even knowing it or realizing that it happens. Becoming aware of these loops and being able to recognize them allows you to cut them off before they stop you up.

3. Cause and effect. We all learned about the universal law of cause and effect in elementary school. That every action creates something else to happen. If you forget to put gas in your car while it is on e, the effect of that cause is running out of gas. The effect of running out of gas is having to call someone to come and get you or having to walk to a gas station. Cause and effect are always happening for every thing and every effect is the cause of another effect. By understanding the universal law of cause and effect and developing the ability to see how it works, you can begin to utilize this universal law in order to manifest and attract what you want.

4. Your thoughts and your actions are not you. Each of us has millions of thoughts a day. None of those thoughts define who you are any more than a mole on your back does. Many people relate who they are as a person to their thoughts and their actions. Though our thoughts and our actions do offer incites into who we are, they are not who we are. This is why people fear failure so much and seek success. They cling to their failure as though they are a failure if something in their life fails, and cling to success as though that makes them a success. These pieces of our life are not who we are, but are actions we take. Our thoughts are nothing more than the minds way of reacting to the world. You are much, much more than your thoughts and your actions.

5. You cannot think, speak, or do anything outside of who you are. Most people work with the law of attraction and never come to the realization that who you are dictates what you will manifest. If you are not already a millionaire, or a lover, or anything else you want in your life at heart, you will never think like one and there for never attract to you situations, people, and resources that will allow you to manifest those things in your life. First work on your level of being, then you can attract and manifest what you want in your life.

These are natural obstacles that all of us must come to terms with in order to manifest and attract in our lives at a level we truly want to attract at. Take the time to study these hurdles and overcome them. Get educated about these hurdles because your ability to manifest and attract based on the law of attraction in your life is directly related to your ability to get past these hurdles


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