Addiction Is Easy To Overcome By Udgaar


“Help people who are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs” This is the Udgaar of my heart when I go out on the street and see people smoking and consuming tobacco. They seem to be enjoying their life but don’t know that this short enjoyment is killing their health and potential.

I am wrong they do know that tobacco causes cancer and it is written on every cigarette box with a horrible picture. However, people seem to take inspiration from Bollywood movies where the main character derives his strength from intoxicants. I don’t know if movie lovers have seen the disclaimer of non-promotion of intoxication at the start of a movie or just ignored it.

People have many excuses to justify their addiction and even many of them would prove that intoxication helps them reducing stress and enjoying life in a better way. It is difficult to convince people to leave a bad habit if they are addicted to it.

A few non-profit organizations such as the art of living and Udgaar are striving to help people overcome their addictions and live a better life. They are proving free counseling, guidance, and other necessary resources to change the lifestyle of people.

Thousands of youth register for the Udgaar annual festival focused on the de-addiction and youth empowerment. They get an opportunity to meet influential public figures like Vivek Bindra, Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj, Madhava’s Rock band and other artists.

The program is an open forum for youth to express their issues and aspirations and get expert guidance from specialists. With the combination of education and entertainment, Udgaar is a mega attraction for the younger generation.

It features drama, a lecture by the famous motivational speaker Vivek Brinda, Dance by prince group followed by a rock show and mouth-watering dinner.

The main highlight of the seminar is the spiritual guidance of Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaji through his encouraging lecture. The appearance of a celebrity as a Main guest is also a key feature of the program.

Art of Living Led by Sri Sri Ravisankar Ji has launched its drug-free India campaign in 2017. The institution is encouraging students in colleges and universities to leave drugs and take enjoyment in the self.

Addiction starts with curiosity and ends on helplessness. Many people who started smoking/drinking just for an experience thinking that they will leave it any time are now trapped. However, if they join an anti-addiction team and follow its instructions, addiction can be eliminated.


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