Addiction Treatment and the Window of Opportunity – What to Do When Your Loved One Wants Help


When someone you care about decides they need help for their problem with drugs or alcohol, responding promptly by finding them the best drug rehabilitation facility is imperative. That moment of clarity at the end of an addict’s spree, is the most effective time for them to get the care they need. It’s during this time where they are desperate and willing to do the things necessary for the recovery process to begin.

When it comes to the disease of addiction, the gift of desperation is something to be extremely grateful for. People drink and use drugs because they like the effect produced by these substances. When the line is crossed and someone becomes addicted, they will usually do anything and everything to get their next high. It’s not until the pain and the consequences are great enough that an addict will do something to change.

Recovery is a personal decision, thus, admitting that drug addiction is a problem that a person needs help to overcome is the beginning and the foundation for the journey to recovery and freedom from addiction. This is the only part of the process that can and should be done perfectly. If an addict seeks help from an addiction treatment center at this time they have a better chance of recovering from the disease.

So, what should I do if my loved one wants help for their problem with drugs or alcohol?

First, let them know that you love them and that you support them in their decision to get help. An addict is selfish and self centered, thus the disease of addiction leaves families and loved ones hurt. Remember, addicts are sick people. What they did in their disease is not who they really are. It’s important that they know you are not judging them, and that you simply want the best for them.

Next, start the treatment center search. Depending on the severity of the addiction, your loved one may need a residential drug rehab program. Search drug rehab or addiction treatment centers thoroughly to find the best one. Find out which substance abuse treatment facilities cater to the suffering addict’s individual needs. The one’s offering a variety of programs are the most effective where your loved one has a better chance for healing.

Look for programs that include the following:

o Drug and Alcohol Detox

o Dual Diagnosis

o Men’s Programs

o Women’s Programs

o Individual and Group Therapy

o Family Therapy

o Eating Disorders

o Trauma and Grief Therapy

o 12-Step Based Programs

o Extended After Care / Intensive Outpatient

Anyone struggling with addiction should consider these program options when choosing a drug treatment center. After all, the disease of addiction is life threatening. Getting the best most quality care available could save your loved one’s life.

Finding the best drug rehab can seem overwhelming. Acting quickly, but logically in choosing a place for treatment is key getting help for your loved one. Don’t wait too long, or their window for opportunity to change their life will close and you may have to wait until the end of their next debauch.


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