Can’t Sleep When You First Quit Weed – How to Overcome These Problems to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


When people first quit weed they often find it difficult to get some sleep. In fact, sometimes people simply can’t sleep at all without marijuana in their life.

Here I am going to list exactly why this is so, and some of the most successful methods that people use to overcome this problem.

Why is it difficult to get some sleep after you stop smoking weed?

The main reason people experience difficulty sleeping after they cease abusing marijuana on a regular basis is the fact that marijuana has actually been responsible for putting their minds into a state of sleep for a long time.

Believe it or not, this actually means that you haven’t achieved sleep naturally, for as long as you have been smoking marijuana during the night or within a few hours before sleeping.

The process of sleeping involves a clearing of the mind, and unfortunately, this is near impossible to achieve for someone who has recently kicked the habit of smoking marijuana.

Without marijuana, your mind tends to race and sometimes it can be difficult to simply stop thinking, about anything and everything that is going on in your life right now. And for the same reason, when you do achieve a good nights rest, you will experience extremely vivid dreams.

What are some methods to get some sleep without marijuana?

Although it can be difficult to actually sleep without weed in your life, you should try not to worry and stress too much about it. Many people often worry during the night as they need sleep right away, usually so they can work well the next day or simply be wide awake and less drowsy.

One thing that will help you to relax is to know that simply lying down with the lights off will help you to recover for the next day, whether your mind is switched on or off at the time. So make sure to simply relax, and know you are still achieving a good night’s rest at least, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Relaxing about this issue will improve your chances of achieving sleep, as worrying keeps you awake.

Some other tips that you can use that have helped many people in the past include drinking milk, getting a slight breeze going, or the good old-fashioned counting sheep. If counting sheep seems lame to you (it does to me), try to do something productive like planning out the following day.

The number one tip that most people find which works well for improving sleeping patterns, is to wake up early the next day, regardless of how much sleep you achieved – or haven’t! Waking up early will no doubt ensure you are tired enough the next day and your overall sleeping problems are only one day away from being fixed for good.

Having trouble sleeping without marijuana is just one of the problems you might face when you first quit weed. Regardless of the trouble you go through, keep in mind that all of these problems will not last long and your life will be better off without marijuana in the long run, I can guarantee you that much!


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