Colloidal Gold Helps You Face Addiction


The use of colloidal gold in the treatment of addictions is by no means new as it goes centuries back in medical records. How can colloidal gold help one face some form of dependency? First of all, any type of addiction is to a certain extent a form of dire craving that has gone completely out of control. By the administration of colloidal gold, the system receives a double help: one for the physiological manifestation of addiction and the other one for its psychological dimension. In the past, people used to explain the inhibition of addiction by the difference in vibration between colloidal gold and the drugs, alcohol, nicotine or food triggers.

Colloidal gold is superior from all points of view to the addictive substance; hence their coexistence in the body is not possible and the toxins are slowly purged. Colloidal gold helps one go over the withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, flashes, chills and muscular pain. The main action of this homeopathic remedy is at the level of the nervous system where it actually inhibits the receptors of the addictive substance. Reputed success was registered in the case of opiate addicts as many people develop dependency of painkillers without even knowing it.

Having soothing effects at the brain level, colloidal gold also serves well to reduce anxiety and behavior changes associated with addiction. It increases willpower bringing a boost of positive energy that counteracts and neutralizes the bad influence of the addictive substance. Used during rehabilitation programs, it has no interference with other prescribed medicines; on the contrary it supports the psychological efforts of withdrawal. Another form of dependency against which colloidal gold proved to be successful is food addiction; such homeopathic supplements are used against even the most advanced stages of obesity.

Just like in the case of opiates, colloidal gold works in a similar way for food cravings triggered by emotional or psychological problems that very often result in over-weight. Since very many eating disorders are rooted in personal problems that convert physical hunger into emotional hunger, colloidal gold is a balance element, helping one get on the right track. The advice of a professional therapist, homeopath or kinesiology expert is very often essential for the correct administration of colloidal gold. Results are surprisingly quick to appear since colloidal gold is quickly absorbed in the blood flow, triggering an overall positive body reaction.


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