How To Quit Smoking Weed Quickly


Are you looking for information on ways and means to quit smoking? This is for sure a good place to star. Have you ever tried to give up smoking weed and it didn’t work out? Or could you be feeling that the weed is taking your life and replacing your buddies, family, hobbies, and your best ways of passing the time? This is a trigger that your body needs a rest from all this. You should not worry much as there are ways to bring back your old joyful days to you again. The key to successful means to quit smoking weed is to follow this life transforming guide and make use of the well-outlined steps.

Get to understand your addiction.

Having first to get to know about the addiction is a major progress in quitting marijuana. Marijuana has an active chemical that works to force cannabinoid receptors of the brain to react. This makes you feel high after the smoking weed. Most people are not able to tell the difference between psychological and the physical addiction to marijuana. Most people have a psychological believe in that they have to be high to function normally. Physical addiction is the increased tolerance for weed. Knowing and understanding your addiction forms the basis for choosing the most effective method to curb your are steps on how to quit smoking weed quickly.

Steps on how to quit smoking weed quickly.

1. Setting a date to quit weed. Most people who use pot just verbally say they will quit smoking tomorrow or simply when out of weed, this is the most dangerous approach and most ineffective; it’s good to set a date to quit in a weeks’ time or days or even month. By setting a date to stop smoking weed gives you a goal to work to achieve.

2. Make sure you discard all smoking gear, most marijuana smokers very decorative paraphernalia like bongs, rolling tools, vaporizes and smoking bows. Getting rid of such things puts you at a hard time devising ways to smoke and this becomes more difficult for you and the harder it gets the more likely you are to quit smoking.

3. Being prepared and ready for withdrawal; having set your day to stop smoking weed makes the body ready for withdrawal enabling it to be easy for you. The feeling of anxiety is common at withdrawal and learning on how t cobalt it is an added advantage. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include physical tension, anorexia, anxiety, and more. Sometimes it’s good to seek medical advice to help you get through the withdrawal stage.

4. Finding a replacement activity; rather than having to devote this extra free time on a hobby, it’s good to use this time on something you can do fast and easy as lighting like going for a run playing the keyboard and turn to it whenever you are tempted. If bored to do this try comedy movie that will have you smile.images4

5. Change of routine; having now a new hobby is not enough, trying to reschedule your routine is another key factor to making your goal a success so as to avoid missing that funny stuff. Some of the things you can try are.

• Spend more time in open places if you are used to secluding yourself this will help you not to think of going back to the pot

• Change your work routine or school routine, like going to work via a different route that is busy with people or traffic, also changing your sitting position is also recommended

• Be with friends who don’t use the substance as they are less likely to lure you back to it again.

6. Being able to control your urges; having that ability to control the urge is paramount and most important how to coup with it when it comes.these are some ways you can try and reduce the urge to succumb it.

• Avoiding those places that make you feel to smoke be it your friend’s house, your room or even those secluded areas where you are alone.

• Change your environment whenever you get that urge to smoke. Moving off that location is the sure way to avoiding temptation

• Stay hydrated this will help boost your health and beat the calls so make a habit to drink more water.

• Remain calm, and you can do this by breathing deeply and hold that air in your lungs for a duration of 5-7 minutes, and then breath the air out slowly repeat until that feel is gone

7. Remain focused, as the saying goes that it takes 21 days to create or break a habit, by the end of a month you will be free and done with your addition.

• Having a small catching up with a celebration after a month can be ideal having achieved success and can aid to keep you on track

Being free from this shackle of the mind is a major step to leading a fulfilling life, following of this procedures surely will make your objective fulfilled and you being free from weed addiction


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