How to Stop Looking at Pornography – Hypnotherapy For Pornography Addiction


If you suspect that you spend too much of your time looking at porn, or that your love of porn has gotten out of control, you may have what is colloquially known as a “pornography addiction.” Help is available, fortunately, Just as with any other kind of addiction, from smoking to alcohol abuse, there are many professionals out there trained to support you. A number of organizations (especially Christian ones) and sexual problem treatments devoted to helping porn addicts have sprung up. What’s more, like most addictions, the excessive consumption of erotic media responds very well to treatment via hypnotherapy and NLP.

How Much Is Too Much?

Of course, pornography addiction is a controversial term. Although the term has been used extensively by anti-porn activists and groups, the condition not listed anywhere in the DSM-IV, the mental illness diagnostic guide used by the psychology profession. In the end, the question of whether or not you are “addicted” to viewing and masturbating to pornographic works is up to you and your significant other(s). Does your use of porn significantly interfere with your life and relationships? Do you appear to regard porn-viewing as higher life priority than family or work (keep in mind that actions speak louder than words hear)? Does looking at porn at all constitute a betrayal of your moral values? Do you, yourself, sometimes wish you could stop wanting to look at porn? Do you find yourself unable to stop, despite your own or your romantic partner’s wishes? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then perhaps you should, indeed, consider seeking pornography addiction help.

How Addictions Work

Addictions generally tend to work the same way. First, a certain activity–such as, presumably, masturbating to porn–will give you pleasure. When the activity ceases, the pleasure will go away. With many “addictive” activities, you’ll feel a strong compulsion to repeat the pleasure. However, with each repetition of the pleasurable activity, the impermanence of the pleasure will cause you greater and greater pain. Alas, that same impermanence will cause you, the addict, to become more and more obsessed with the pleasurable activity. You won’t be able to stand to lose something so valuable as pleasure. In time, the activity, and your obsession, will take over your life. Your pleasure will be long gone, but you will no longer care. If you are a porn addict, then this is your relationship to pornography. Such is the mechanism of addiction.

NLP And Hypnotherapy Offer Effective Pornography Addiction Help

NLP, short for “neuro-linguistic programming,” is an excellent way to cure porn addiction. What NLP does is teach the addict to recognize and isolate the recurring, ever-repetitive thought processes that leads to desire.

Throughout the period that one is addicted, these thought processes remain the same. Yet, addicts rarely recognize these thoughts on their own. Often, they merely follow their compulsions (e.g. “I must watch porn”), heedless of the fleeting sensations that lead up to them (e.g. “I am bored; I am a bad person; porn will stimulate me and take my mind off the fact that I am a bad person”). Or, if the addict does recognizes these recurring thoughts–as he sometimes will during the later stages of his condition–he feels powerless to stop them from leading to their inevitable conclusion.

By contrast, after just a few sessions of combined NLP and hypnosis, addicts can usually learn to, not only recognize harmful thoughts, but to replace them with better ones. That is why NLP and hypnotherapy can stop addictive behavior, and why they’re such powerful sources of pornography addiction help.


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