Led Zeppelin’s Struggles


Before achieving their superstar status Led Zeppelin had its share of ups and downs just like any other band. From the accusations of being plagiarists which would lead some music critics to question their originality to having face the reality of their mortality when one of its band members died from alcohol induced asphyxiation. One of its band members also faced a struggle with heroin addiction.

The issue of plagiarism had haunted them for several years. It gave them bad publicity at that time. To make matters worse Robert Plant and his wife had been in a car crash in Rhodes Greece which led to the band member’s injury and would require him to recuperate for months. His wife was severely injured and required transfusion. Page had also his own struggles to overcome which was his addiction to heroin. Some music critics say that because of his addiction they made a sloppy album which did not meet the fans expectations. Bonham also was suffering from alcohol addiction himself which eventually led to his death in 1980. His death was the turning point of the bands journey. The members’ that was left behind decided to call it quits and disband. The reason being Bonham was one that unites them and they would not go on without him.

Even though the band encountered lot of struggles they still achieved the dream of becoming a rock star that shaped rock music. They influenced a lot of musical artists that we knew. It was fitting to remember them as musical geniuses who inspired the world through their magnificent music.


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