Rapid Detox Concerns


With prescription pain pill abuse on the rise, the medical community has come up with some rather novel ways in which to deal with the problem. One of the latest methods is Rapid Detox.

Getting through the opiate withdrawal symptoms is seen as one of the harder challenges that an addict faces when he or she want to kick their habit. Opiate abuse leads to actual physical addiction and your body responds to the lack of opiates in your system with symptoms of extreme physical discomfort including nausea, diarrhea, aches and pains, cold sweats to name a few.

Rapid Detox is a medical procedure which has become a popular way for doctors to help people get over withdrawal sickness quickly. It involves sedating a patient and then administering medications that are designed to rid the brains receptors of opiates. Since the patient is under sedation, they have no recollection of their bodies going through the detoxification process or the withdrawal symptoms that come with it. They, in theory, wake up from their sleep free of the opiates and clear of the withdrawal symptoms.

The Problems

While Rapid Detox seems like a surefire, pain free way deal with withdrawal symptoms, there are some inherent risks. Being anesthetized, even by a medical expert, always comes with some risks that some people rather not gamble on. Also, while it is a good way to rid your brain receptors of opiates, this rapid detox is by no means an absolute cure for addiction. Addiction is a disease that requires continual care and management in order to avoid relapse. By simply relying on getting over the withdrawal symptoms, opiate addicts might not get the proper support and care that they need to truly overcome their problem.

Rehab plus Detox

Rapid Detox does have its benefits for those who chose to that route. However, combining it with a long term or even short term rehabilitation program can end up bringing about a longer lasting sobriety. Also, for those who do not wish to go under sedation and pumped full detoxifying drugs, there are other natural option out there that can help. Products such as Withdrawal Ease use natural detoxifiers like Milk Thistle and Tumeric to help cleanse the body of opiates along with other natural products to help overcome withdrawal symptoms. While it may not be a Rapid Detox, along with rehab and support, it can also help you safely overcome your opiate addiction and move onto the path of sobriety.


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