Support Groups And Bad Habits – Here’s Help


People who are keen to get over of their bad habits can take the help of Support Groups. These groups are formed all over the world and offer professional help by which the person who wants to overcome the bad habits can do so by attending these groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the benchmark support groups. Here alcoholics meet to talk about bad habits. They talk about their trials and share their anticipations. They get encouragement by spending time with those who have similar aspirations of overcoming their bad habit. Alcoholics Anonymous follow a 12 step schedule for the people whose bad habits brought them together to get over the same. The method is designed to train the alcoholics through their anguish into soberness. It is a painstaking program, but works the effort if you tide over without your bad habits.

Other group that makes use of the 12 step program is Over-eaters Anonymous for acquiring control on their bad habits. Opposite to what the group implies, it is not only the people who too much but there are more members are those who overeat. It is also for the people suffering with bulimia or anorexia. In fact it is for the one who is “helpless over food”. This group also meets often as Alcoholics Anonymous does. This group uses tests and similar tools to help people assess the degree of the bad habits and melancholy. The 12-step plan leading them to work on the bad habits from physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives. It has helped number of people to over come their eating disorders.

Another group using the 12 step plan of Alcoholics Anonymous is Narcotics Anonymous. It is for people with addiction to various kinds of drugs. They can join the group no matter what kinds of drugs they use. It is immaterial whether you used the drug a few times or used for years. The essential thing is what you intend doing about it. Narcotics Anonymous offers you with a way to handle these detrimental bad habits in case you put in some effort.

There is a number of smoking termination support groups to help people quit smoking. There are many groups at medical centers. These groups operate even at college level. Some groups have meetings at community centers. There are smoking termination groups meeting online. The websites offer good bit of helpful information on your bad habit. Often there are blogs where people can tally their notes on their recovery from nicotine. There are also live chat support groups.

Support groups are not there for all the bad habits people have. No one is going to punch your hand and saying, “Don’t drum your fingers!” In any case, they will not as a support group. Yet, help is available for serious bad habits. In some cases, you may have to drive across town. In other cases, it is as close as your computer.


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