The Attraction Of Cocaine and Frightening Consequences


Why is cocaine attractive to so many people? The answer depends on who you ask. At Harvard, some researchers conducted a brain-imaging study, and it revealed that a lovely female visage sets off the “reward centers” of a male brain. The “reward center” was also set off by certain foods, money, and drugs such as cocaine. The mind is a very strong force in our lives.

Many women turn to using cocaine because they need a boost in self-esteem. Some are less interested in the thrills of the drug, and see it more as a way of coping with job pressures or nagging problems of low self-esteem and competence. Approximately two-thirds of the nation’s 4.1 million cocaine users are male. However, the number of females now using the drug is growing at a rapid pace.

Regardless of whether the user is male or female, why is cocaine attractive? It has been dubbed the “unemployment drug” by many users because they see it as a cure to their depression. Some believe it causes better orgasms. Others think that cocaine is the “champagne of drugs,” meaning it is the best to use on a regular basis. People feel invincible and they delude into thinking that they are working more productively.

The bottom line is many think that coke is the best drug to take, and some actually believe it is the safest of all drugs to abuse. The facts are though that abuse can lead to very serious medical issues. The powder, sometimes called “angel dust,” is usually snorted or inhaled in vapor form. It causes constriction of the body’s blood vessels, dilated pupils, increased body temperature, can cause rapid heart beats, and elevate the blood pressure. Frequent headaches and gastrointestinal problems, such as nausea and abdominal pain, can result. Injecting or ingesting the drug can result in a severe allergic reaction. The other risks are that one’s family life and work are jeapordized. Many people ruin their financial situation as well due to the expense of this.

Why is cocaine attractive? Some think it is an easy fix to their problem. However, although it may appear alluring, the consequences of using far outweigh any temporary attraction it presents.


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