The Sedona Method – How to Change Bad Habits and Overcome Addiction


The Sedona Technique has been helping folks recover successfully from many types of obsession since 1973.

It’s a complete system in its own and it’s highly complementary to all different types of obsession help including twelve Step Programs, counselling, care, and detoxification. You need to use The Sedona System as a help to:

* Get over alcohol obsession and alcoholism.

* Rebound from all types of drug obsession

* Rebound from all sorts of food obsession including compulsive over eating, anorexia and bulimia.

* Get over betting obsession

The Sedona Method will help you liberate your self from all obsessions. The scientifically demonstrated Sedona Technique is a sublime, easy-to-learn, do it yourself system that may show exactly how to gain access to your natural capability to let go of any destructive thought or feeling on the spot including all spot including the motivators for all forms dependence.

It can be employed in life to get fast release from the results of addictive behaviours if you feel you are losing control. The Sedona System also helps you to simply break the patterns of thought and behaviour that cause this sort of self-sabotage to recur.

As you tap into your natural capability to release, you will notice that you can let go of whatever it is that’s leading you to do things that you later regret.

The Sedona Strategy will also show in detail how to get the most from any other come up to you are using to wreck your dependence.

Changing Unacceptable Habits to Good Ones:

What You MOST Have to Know and Do Habits are those routine things that we do each day frequently without thinking twice about them.

Cleaning your teeth in the morning, putting on your seatbelt when you get in an automobile, and grabbing your wallet or purse prior to heading out the door are all ‘habits.’

What changes a habit into a nasty habit is when the action has an unwanted effect on your life, your emotions about yourself, your wellbeing or your relations. Unpleasant habits may lead you to miss opportunities, avoid certain eventualities and even give others erroneous info about your character ( like viewing you as insecure because you’ve got a practice of not making eye contact ). Naturally, nasty habits can take on many forms, e.g.:

* Smoking / drinking

* Cursing

* Biting your nails

* Procrastinating

* Twirling your hair and fidgeting

* Overeating

* Lying

* Interrupting folk

The easy way to turn an unacceptable habit into a really good one apparently regardless of what the form, all nasty habits come from the same, according to Hale Dwoskin, Chairperson and director of coaching of Sedona Coaching Associates.

‘All unacceptable habits are compensations for unresolved feelings that galvanize us to do, say or be something that we later regret. The easiest way to destroy any habit or obsession is to release the motivating emotion, ‘ he is saying.

The Sedona Method shows you the proper way to tap your natural capability to let go of any unproductive thought or feeling on the spot including the motivators for all sorts of nasty habits.

After you let the negative feelings go you won’t feel the need to enter into the unacceptable habit.

Dwoskin explains: ‘Focus on the feelings that are motivating the behaviour. For example, if you chew your nails when you’re twitchy concentrate on letting go of the nervousness and notice that your wish to chew your fingernails will drop away.

Once the motivating feelings are released it is way easier to choose to damage the patterns of thinking and behaving that are impeding you.

When you learn the power of letting go, you’ll notice that it’ll definitely affect other areas of your life also.

As an example, if you happen to have a disposition to eat too much due to emotional reasons, letting go of those negative feelings will not just help you to stop overeating, it’ll help you to feel more happy and likely to get rid of the weight also.

No habit or underlying motivating factor is too large to be released, and you may discover that with The Sedona Method, the opportunities are endless!


Source by Rolf Trondhjem

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