Cutting Agent For Coke


Cocaine can cause a huge array of problems, such as physiological dependence, health damage, and damage to society and ruin relationships. It’s one of the most commonly used drugs, due to its celebrity status and quick high, with intense pleasure. Some of the problems involved with cocaine are due to what cutting agents used for coke.

Cocaine is obtained through the coca leaves, first used by the Inca in South America. In South America local tribes chew the leaves to reduce altitude sickness and relieve hunger and fatigue. Cocaine is made by extraction, generally using organic solvents, the moist leaves and dried and the results are powdered leaves. Which is then used to extract the powder, many people cut the coke with other substances to increase overall bulk and weight.

A lot of the substances cut with cocaine can often lead to health problems of their own.

Most commonly items used to cut cocaine are: Dextrose, Lactose, Baby Milk, Dried Milk, Creatine, Glucose, Powder Vitamins, Epsom Salts, Quinine and just about any soluble powder. When other items such as powdered methamphetamine and powdered drugs can lead to other side effects aside from the ones experienced with cocaine. Very rarely the cutting substances for coke can be things such as rat poison and this can be lethal.

Cocaine is an addictive substance the high is short lived. It’s advisable to seek help if you are suffering from a drug addiction. Seeking help is the first step to overcoming your coke problem.


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