Drugs Are Satanic Substances


INTRODUCTION: About two years back before my retirement as Municipal Local Government Operations Officer of Paranas, Samar, I was invited by the Wright National High School faculty as a guest lecturer to talk on the topic Drug Addiction. I willingly accepted the invitation and assured them of my presence come the appointed time.

It was a morning when I entered the school’s portal and found myself in front of teenagers- boys and girls- students from first, second, third and fourth year high school. Before anything else, I did a little introduction of my person, a summary of my official functions as a government employee and the purpose as well of my coming to them. In short I did deliver to them the goods. Utilizing pictures and sometimes the home language to unlock difficult words, I was able to arouse the students interest to take active participation in the discussion about drugs The high school teaching faculty and the students as a body as well thanked me for sharing with them insights about the drug menace. I said to myself thanks Lord my preparation and my little research did not go in vain.

Up to this very minute a copy of that lecture is still in my possession. I happened to dig it up from my bag and a thought flashed in my mind. Why not share it globally so that it can function universally as a deterrent for our young people from falling into the trap of drug addiction.


It is a substance that alters or changes the state of emotions, perceptions and body functions of a person. It is a substance that leaves negative effect in the mind. It alters or changes people’s way of thinking and feelings

It is perdition, darkness. It’s hell- not heaven. It’s a global menace. It’s a denizen that’s always ready to swallow its innocent and unsuspecting victims. It’s a refuge for the weak and the lowly, the unschooled, the dullard, the dull headed, the hardheaded, the bedeviled, the run-away as well as the stubborn. It’s a one way ticket to the dark side of life. It is death in itself. It’s satan. It’s a diabolical thing that ruins one’s future. It robs one of his future, happiness, well-being, etc. It is no respecter of personalities. Kings, queens and paupers alike have been known to be rabid users of drugs in all kinds.


These substances are known to us in many names: shabu, marijuana, heroine, opium, tobacco, coffee, cough syrup, rugby, cocaine, etc. There is one local source a plant which is called “catyubong”.


1] It’s not food. It gives no good substance and vitamins to the body.

2] When one gets hooked or used to taking illegal drugs, it will be hard for him/her to get rid of the habit.

3] When user are “high”, they are prone to commit wrongdoings such as illicit sex, rape, killings, murder and all sort of crimes. This is so because under the influence of drugs they became bold, brave and courageous; they forgot norms of society.

4) One’s future is soiled or ruined if one gets addicted to drugs. Will you live with a drug addict? His/Her schooling will be greatly hampered. He may not finish high school or college. How will he/she support his/her family or loved ones if ever he/she gets married?

5] Illicit sex is common among drug addicts. So if a member has aids, it is very easy for all of them to get the disease. So say no to drugs to avoid from becoming a victim of aids.

6] Drug users seldom find good jobs. Employers don’t like drug dependents.

7] It’s a shame to be confined with others of your kind in a rehab center. Besides it is a fact that patients there are not well taken care of; their needs are not all met.


1] Avoid drugs. Never take a bite. Preserve and guard your innocence. Preserve your purity. Cooperate and report pushers to the police.

2] Eat nourishing food, not junk foods.

3] Have a regular exercise.

4] Be with good friends.

5] Select an enjoyable course. Prepare one where you’ll have no master but yourself. Business is preferable. Businessmen are the most happy people.

6] Be clean in person, character and in words. 9034331-2″);


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