5 Reasons Why Your Marriage Is Killing Your Dreams


While marriage can be exciting and happy, it can be filled with disappointment and broken dreams.

Would you agree?

Below are 5 reasons why we tend to think that marriage is killing our dreams. When you finish reading this article, you will discover that it’s not so much the marriage. But it’s the way you perceive how marriage affects your dreams.

1) You’re missing God’s perspective on your dreams. God has a plan for you, but it’s important for you to know His plan for your life. I encourage you to take some quiet time to find out why He created you and what His plan is.

2) You don’t think your spouse supports your dreams because he’s not as motivated about them as you are.

When we share our dreams with our husbands, we want them to get excited, put on a cheerleading outfit, and yell, “Go, Wifey!” as they do three back flips.

But what if your husband doesn’t show that much enthusiasm about your dream?

What if he just says okay and watches you pursue your dream? Would that be okay?

3) You’re not balancing your time properly.

What are you doing with your time on a daily basis? Watching TV, checking out pictures and videos on Facebook, gossiping on the phone with your friends? Most of these things are dream killers because they often eat away at your time. Decide on some things you can delete from your day and use that time to work on your dream.

4) Fear and insecurity – these are common dream killers because they paralyze you from the productive things you should be doing to achieve your dream.

There are many fears/insecurities.

Some include the fear of:

• Making mistakes

• Past failures

• What others will think of you

• Change

• Fear of not being good enough

Ask yourself, “What fears hold me back from my dreams?” Refuse to allow your fears and insecurities to hinder you from your dreams. Step out by faith and do what you can to make them come true.

5) You have no strategy for pursuing you dream. You may have a dream, but you don’t know what first step to take.

For me, it was writing a book. I have been writing for years, but there have been some areas of improvement. I also struggled with fears and insecurities, and I needed a strong support system to help me to write my book and share my message with others properly.

I recently attended a book writing conference and connected with a lot of people who have a dream of writing and sharing their message with others. They actually understand my plight and are willing to help me to achieve my dream.

This conference offered me the support I needed and the tools to create a system and take the next steps for sharing my message through writing about marriage to others.

If you think marriage is killing your dreams, think again. I encourage you to:

1. Get God’s perspective about your dreams

2. Appreciate the support your spouse gives you even if he doesn’t do it the way you think he should

3. Eliminate any dream killers and replace them by pursuing your dream.

4. Overcome your fears and insecurities.

5. Connect with people or an organization who can help you to create and implement. a strategy for taking the next steps towards your dream.


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