Are You Like Me, Struggling With Pornography As a Christian Male?


I have heard that up to one in two Christian males struggle with a pornography addiction and as I am one of those males, I thought I would write a brief article about the struggle I find myself in and the way that I cope living a life with a smile on my face.

The guilt and shame that surrounds the addiction to pornography is horrendous. You have a brief moment of pleasure; you get your quick fix and then comes the guilt like a heavy blanket that weights you down. There has to be a better way than a constant quick fix and then days of shame.

You cannot simply have so much porn that you wear your addiction out. I am sure many of you, one you have fallen from grace have thought to themselves that you may as well sin again and again whilst you have fallen. Many of you like me have thought that you could simply wear yourself out of the addiction and get overfilled. But the addiction is a beast, and all-consuming fire that will take us much as you want to give to it. There is just no upper limit to how much porn that you can watch, there seems to be no limit if you have enough bandwidth on your internet plan.

So we have established that you can’t wear the addiction out- how about quitting cold turkey? That works for some and has worked for me for periods of up to three months at a time, but there always seems for me at least to be some trigger that sends me back to the computer and a closed door. It is terrible and it fills me with remorse and shame.

Being a person that has hundreds of articles on the Internet, and hundreds of videos, posting this article is not so much a wise move in many people’s eyes. Many people would counsel me not to be so frank but this addiction is breaking me in two and I thought I would just connect with all you other males that are struggling and share some heartfelt love.

I came across the grace preaching of Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince and they have helped me deal with my guilt and shame and help me take some of the condemnation off my shoulders very well. Satan loves to have us in his snare and his shame. And it just takes it’s toll on our relationship with Christ.

How can we be pure in spirit, pure in heart and yet look at naked women acting? How can we walk down the street and look at women the right and wholesome way when so many times we are watching women and girls in not so wholesome ways?

“I am the righteousness of God in Christ!” Joseph Prince has told me to tell myself and one day my body will line up and fulfil what I say. I hope that is so.


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