Masturbation Addiction – Recognizing the Tell-Tale Signs


Masturbation is one of life’s most pleasurable activities, but masturbation addiction is another story; its effects go beyond the physical pain of a sore penis. Compulsive masturbation has an impact on penis health, mental health and emotional/social health and should be treated in order to ensure that the addicted masturbator is able to enjoy a greater overall quality of life.

Typical masturbation is good.

Many men get tense and stressed at the idea of a masturbation addiction. Perhaps because culture has historically denigrated masturbation, men (and women) typically have some guilt feelings about the act of masturbating. As a result, a man who masturbates regularly may jump to the conclusion that he could be addicted, simply because he enjoys masturbation and engages in it with what he fears is an unacceptable frequency.

In fact, what might be called “normal” masturbation is actually good for a man. By stimulating the penis, a man learns what strokes and touches feel particularly good and what may be less welcome and can use this knowledge when with a partner to provide a more satisfying experience. In addition, an orgasm tends to make a man feel more relaxed and at ease, relieving stress and tension that may have built up to unhealthy levels before the masturbatory experience. Finally, some studies have indicated that men who ejaculate frequently (whether through partner sex or solo activities) have a lesser chance of developing prostate issues as they age.

How does a man tell if he is addicted?

Determining is a man is an addicted masturbator can be challenging. One of the primary reasons for this is that sex drives can vary tremendously from one man to the next, as can each man’s rate of masturbatory activity.

In order to determine addictive behavior, it’s necessary to move beyond counting the number of acts and look at what is going on inside the person. Here are some typical signs that may indicate an addiction to masturbation:

1) There is lack of control. Sexual fantasies and urges are common for any man and occur with frequency throughout the day; however, most men are able to push these away when they occur at inopportune times. The compulsive masturbator struggles greatly with this and more often than not loses the battle. If a man often finds himself unable to complete tasks without taking a break to masturbate, he likely is engaging in compulsive behavior.

2) He desires masturbation more than partner sex. Every man sometimes is more in the mood for a “self session” than a partner encounter, but when solo sexual activity is always the preferred option, addiction may be indicated.

3) Relationships and contact are problematic. Often a compulsive masturbator has a hard time sustaining close contact with other people. A compulsive masturbator frequently foregoes opportunities to be with other people so that he can play with himself.

4) The experience is not necessarily pleasurable. This is one of the key signs of compulsive behavior: if a man fondles himself without getting pleasure from it.

5) It hurts. Men who masturbate continually, even with a very raw or sore penis, may be acting compulsively. (Many men may do this on occasion; it’s when this is an ongoing issue that addiction may be a problem.)

6) He simply cannot stop.

Men who believe they may have a masturbation addiction should consult a psychotherapist or psychologist in order to begin the process of understanding the addiction and determining strategies for overcoming it. A life free of compulsive behaviors is ultimately a healthier and happier life.

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