My Wife Won’t Return My Phone Calls – The Secret to Getting Her to Call You Back!


Recently separated with your wife and trying to get her to call you back? If you have been leaving messages for your wife and she won’t return your phone calls, I would like to offer you a technique that literally works like magic. It’s very simple, it’s not sneaky or manipulative, and it will arouse her curiosity. Ladies, feel free to use this one as well.

First off, I want to briefly discuss the typical phone calls that are made after people break up. These techniques don’t usually work very well, and if you’ve been guilty of these, please stop:

  • “Please, please, please call me back!!”- Where you plead with your husband or wife to return your call. This is a desperation ploy, it surrenders all power to them, and it makes you look weak and pathetic. And above all, it doesn’t work!
  • “I really need you to call me. It’s an Emergency!” – Telling your spouse this is a dirty trick and if they do fall for it, it better be a true emergency. In either case it’s an awful way to get their attention and will undermine your case anyway.

What I suggest instead is to leave a message that will arouse curiosity in your spouse and do it in a way that flatters them. Next time you get their answering machine or voicemail, say something to the effect that you are sorry you missed them but you wanted to thank them for what they have been doing for you. You wanted to share it with them in person, so would they please call back when they have a chance.

That’s all there is to it! A message like this will drive them crazy wanting to know just what the heck it is you are talking about! This combination of curiosity and flattery usually proves to be too tempting and hard to resist returning the call.

OK, so now your husband or wife, crazy with curiosity, calls you back wanting to know what it is they have done for you. What do you do now you ask me? Be very careful here. This is make or break time. One false move at this point could screw it up totally! You will need a cleverly conceived and perfectly executed plan for what to say when they call you back. This part is more important than getting them to call you in the first place.


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