Natural Ways For You To Get Harder And Stronger Erections!


There are so many men that want a harder and stronger erection. Even the guys that are completely happy with their penis size are also interested in knowing what they need to do to get “rock” solid erections regularly. Apart from the fact that it would feel good to you, a stronger and harder erection simply means that sexual intercourse with your woman would be a lot more enjoyable.

Also there is the feeling you would get because you know that your masculinity and virility are very high – which is what every man wants. There are so many herbs that are being sold on the internet, which are supposed to make your erection harder and stronger. However you don’t need to use these herbs, since nobody knows the negative side effects that they might have.

There are a few things that you need to do if you want your penis to be operating at its best form. Now here are some suggestions that would help you in getting rock-hard erections.

Your Penile Health Is A Direct Reflection Of The State Of Your Overall Health!

First you must realize that in so many cases your erection strength is a reflection of how healthy you actually are. What I mean is if you are not getting a healthy supply of blood to your genital area, then the quality of your erections would be poor. There are lots of men that experience “soft” erections because they have health problems that they have not dealt with properly. There are two main groups of these problems:

Hormonal Deficiency – testosterone is the main issue here. I am sure that you know that as you grow older, your testosterone levels are reducing gradually. And testosterone plays a huge role in helping your penis to relate with your body so that an erection can happen during sexual arousal.

To prevent your testosterone levels from getting too low, there are some lifestyle adjustment that you have to make so that they would be at levels that are sufficient enough (it doesn’t need to be as high as it was when you were 18years old) to still give you strong, hard and long-lasting erections.

Blood Circulation Problems – Issues like blood clots, narrowing of the arteries, plaque deposits and vascular problems can wreck serious havoc to a man’s penile health. In this scenario, the problem is a lot bigger than having “soft” erections! You would have to see a doctor and also make a lot of adjustments in your lifestyle if you want an improvement in the quality of your erections.

Reasons Why You Need To Put The Effort To Make Your Erections Stronger…

Personally I have the mindset that an ounce of prevention is a lot better than a pound of cure. You don’t have to wait till the time when your penis cannot even get up then you start looking for Viagra pills to use.

Just like when it comes to weight issues, I believe you should start exercising and eating a healthy diet when you are still slim and young – again you don’t have to wait till you are fat and older before you know that you should keep your weight in check!

The reality is this – as you grow older, your erection strength and hardness begins to dwindle. Even if you have a big penis, if you are having “soft” erections, your sexual performance would become terrible and your woman would no longer have any satisfaction or pleasure during sexual intercourse – and that’s even if you are still getting sex!

You would grow older, whether you like it or not. However there are few things that you should do or NOT do if you want your erections to be strong and “rock” solid for as long as possible. Here they are:

Things That You Should Stay Away From

Don’t Smoke At All Or Stop Smoking Totally – Smoking is no longer “in vogue”. It is time to give it up if you are smoker. If you are not, don’t even attempt starting this destructive habit. Smoking wrecks serious havoc to your sex life. Several research has shown that smoking constricts and hardens the blood vessels. And in case you did not know – your erections are 100% dependent on blood flow. What do you think happens when blood circulation becomes a problem because of the damage caused by smoking?

This is not another issue of GOD said cigarette & marijuana smoking is bad – leave religion or morality aside for now. This is plain and simple – your erection strength and hardness is entirely based on how healthy your blood circulatory system is. And smoking is well known scientifically as an activity that negatively affects the regular flow of oxygenated blood. Now there are several researches that state it clearly that smokers suffer more from erectile dysfunction and erections a lot more than non-smokers. There is no sitting on the fence here – STOP SMOKING FOREVER!

Limit Your Alcohol Intake – Drinking 10cl – 25cl of red wine helps your heart because of the Resveratrol in it. Anything more than that is overdoing it. That aside, alcohol is a cause of weak erections for some men. Yes, taking some amount of alcohol would relax your nerves, but in some cases you might not even be able to get an erection or even maintain it during penetration.

You drink too much and your penis would not get up when it is time for “action”. And you also have to deal with the long term problem that regular consumption of alcohol cause like nerves, kidney and liver problems – these things would definitely affect your sexual health.

In my own opinion, there is no need deliberately messing up your performance in bed. If you are interested in getting harder erections regularly keep your alcohol consumption to very low levels. Personally I only drink alcohol in weddings, which is usually 1 to 3 times in a year.

Stop Your Pornography Addiction – Pornography addiction has been known to cause what they term porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

It might feel good to watch a little porn once in a while to release some steam, however you should take serious precaution and make sure that you are not constantly watching pornography. There are some acquaintances that I know of that even watch porn during office hours!

For some guys, watching pornography vides too much even causes them to have performance anxiety when it is time for real sex and they can’t even get it up!

Stop Masturbating Frequently – In some cases this is also related to watching too much pornography. Masturbating all the time to pornography drains you and keeps you in the refractory period (after an ejaculation, the time that it takes for you to get another erection is called the refractory period. For some men this can be as long as 7 hours!).

If you have a sex partner (or sex partners), then you are better off keeping your erections till you are with your woman. This is because if it has been quite some time since you had an erection, you would be a lot more sexual aroused – which means your erect penis would be much harder and stronger.

And we also have the case of “too much” masturbation, which can make your penis too sensitive to touch and make it a bit difficult for you to even get it up even when a woman is butt naked in front of you.

Stop The Worrying Routine – Performance anxiety is something that happens when you are too anxious or nervous about the sex act. It usually happens when you are having sex for the first time or you are with a new lover. In this situation, you would not even get an erection at all! The more you are worrying the higher your chances of you actually messing up – so stop worrying.

There is also the case of high expectation that some men have in their heads because the feel their sexual performance is supposed to be the way they saw it in pornography videos. If you are worried about your penis size or sexual stamina, there is something that you can actually do to fix the problem – so just take action and deal with the problems instead of worrying.

So relax, inhale deeply and know that you are turning a mole into a mountain when you worry too much. Your erections are a lot stronger and harder when you are relaxed.

Things That You Should Start Doing

Start Eating More Healthy Foods – I don’t think this one should be too difficult for any man. There is no need eating extremely oily or junk foods all the time. What you want is a healthy blood circulation to your genital area. In a lot of cases, unhealthy foods usually cause problems for the blood capillaries, veins, heart and arteries.

Fatty foods usually cause plaques to develop in the blood vessels and this narrows their diameter – causing problems with the free flow of blood throughout the body and this shows itself also in the quality of erections. Fatty foods are also a big testosterone killer as they reduce a man’s ability to produce enough quantity of this essential hormone.

Try including vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. You would benefit from the high amounts of antioxidants (vitamins A,C, E & minerals like zinc, selenium etc) that work in maintaining and keep your body at optimum levels. Antioxidants are also very helpful in reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular problems – because it assists in reducing the amounts of bad cholesterol in the body. Also foods like oysters, bananas, spicy peppers, oatmeal, salmon fish, coffee and taking small amounts of red wine helps you a lot in getting harder erections. You don’t have to include all of them in your diet; just include some of them.

Another mineral that I would single out is Zinc. This mineral helps a great deal in increasing your body’s testosterone levels and also the volume of seminal fluid and sperm that your body produces. You can get Zinc from foods like beans, peas and most sea foods (crab, lobsters, periwinkle etc).

Regular Exercise Should Be A Must – Regular exercise improves your circulatory system and since your erections heavily depends on how healthy your circulatory system is, you would be doing yourself a very big favor if you begin exercising regularly. The improved blood circulation you get from regular exercise would also positively affect your genitals.

Guys who exercise 3 – 5 times in a week tend to have little or no problems with their erection strength and hardness. Also regular exercise is also known to:

  • Improve sex drive
  • Increase sexual potency
  • Reduce stress
  • Kick-starts your body to increase its testosterone production

You don’t have to go to a traditional gym, you can start today by doing body weight exercises (like sit-ups, chin-ups, press-ups, squats etc) and cardio exercises (jogging or running on a tread mill) to improve the blood flow in your body if you are really serious about improving your erection strength.

Try Using Supplements That Would Help Your Erections – This is NOT really a must, however you should know that there are some natural supplements in the market that can help in increasing the hardness and strength of your erections. Some of these supplements usually contain popular natural ingredients such as: pomegranate, Catuaba, oyster shell extract, horny goat weed, Korean ginseng, gingko biloba, Mujra Puama, L-Arginine, Bark Extract, saw palmetto, maca root, flaxseed, oat extracts, Epimedium, Indian Ginseng, wheat yam and so many other natural ingredients.

There are different brands of supplements in the market today and they contain their own blend of natural ingredients. Liblov, VigRX Plus and Prosolution pills are some brands that are quite popular right now.

Engage In Kegel Exercises – In case you have not heard of the Kegel exercise before, it is an exercise that helps in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for controlling your bladder, controlling when you ejaculate and also in improving your sexual performance.

Now here is how you can do the Kegel exercise – act like you are urinating in the bathroom and you want to stop the flow of urine because something important has just come up and you want to go attend to it immediately. What you just did was flex your pelvic floor muscles. A Kegel exercise is when you do that. Now squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for 10 seconds and relax.

A few weeks of regular Kegel exercises would give you stronger, harder and longer lasting erections.

Do Towel Raises Daily – Towel raises is an exercise that assists you in getting harder and stronger erections. It is like Kegel exercises on steroids – in this case you would be doing Kegel exercises and using a hand towel like a weight. Here is a description of the towel raises:

  1. Get a full erection and then put a dry hand towel on your penis.
  2. Now do the Kegel exercises so that you can raise the towel up and down.
  3. Once you realize that your erection is going, place two fingers under your penis so that you can add a few more repetitions.
  4. For the first few weeks, make sure that you are using a dry hand towel, after that you can increase the weight by using a wet hand towel and then you can use a body towel if you are more ambitious.


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