Overcoming Pornography Addiction – Understanding the Brain


Overcoming pornography addiction can be very challenging but is easily accomplished once an individual understands the effects on the brain. Once a man can see just how damaging adult content is they often never want to go back to this mind altering drug. The good news is that pornography has no body inhibiting narcotics so the effects are reversible once the brain recovers.

The Real Sex Organ

People often think that the most sexual tools on a person are the genitals however neurology shows that the organ most responsible for any type of arousal is the brain. Once the brain is reprogrammed the joys of sex are altered and can shift from the sense of feeling to 2-D visual delights. Destructive perception starts in the limbic portion of the brain which perceives how we see the world. When it’s out of balance our impressions are often distorted about ourselves and the world leading to extreme negative and cynical thoughts. Repeated, extreme simulation from pornography results in two different effects each with their own traumatic result on the mind.

The first effect is a loss of pleasure from real world events. The dopamine rush caused by porn works like a drug. The drug enters and after enough it leads to a tolerance. Dopamine becomes numb and this leads to a greater issue: an inability to feel pleasure. Dopamine is the neuron receptors in the brain which are responsible for feeling pleasure. Porn starts with the computer but soon it encompasses every facet of life because joy becomes rare. Small things such as joy caused by leaves in autumn, the glance of the right person, or by the promise of reward that will come after a long, difficult, and worthy task become mundane. Life becomes about instant gratification which only leads to more destructive behavior. The second effect is that the user not only needs more but images more extreme in effect. This becomes a vicious cycle of brain numbing.

Hate Your Addiction

The effects of sustained porn use are gradual so the user often does not notice extreme changes in one day but the effects can only be seen after months without indulging. Those who choose to quit report how incredible their lives feel once the effects of porn are gone. The key to true, sustained results is to hate what porn does to your brain and how it destroys your life. Understand that it robs you of joy and causes you to become weak and docile like a sheep. The driving force for all men is the emotion of sex and nature has designed us this way for a reason. When a man can have love and sex on his heart he will work and achieve to be noticed in the eyes of the opposite sex. When a man indulges in porn he no longer needs a woman because he has a computer. The key to achieving and finding happiness in this world for an addict is to hate your addiction and not allow it to hijack your brain anymore. Once a person breaks free they never want to go back.

In Conclusion

Overcoming pornography addiction is paramount to achieving any happiness in this world. Men who understand how the brain works realize the pornography and happiness can never exist at the same time.


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