Relationship Facts & Tips From the Movie "A Star Is Born"


To the directors & producers, I say “Well done”!

The movie stirred up so many emotions; I cried my eyes out and luckily, it was healing to me. I really bought into the story and related so much to it that I felt “each emotion” deeply into my soul. My whole being was shaken way afterwards and on my way home, I listened to ALL the soundtracks.

I gathered a few relationship facts & tips from the movie that I would like to share:

• True love, genuine love, authentic love still exists, thank GOD. Their love story stood up the tests of addictions, pain and external influences to a point, which is very rare nowadays.

• Who do you listen to? I was so angry when Ally’s manager told Jackson that he was ruining her career by being married to him. Instead of encouraging him after his rehab, he destroyed, within a few seconds, the chance that he had to be with the love of life again and live life fully. I was also mad that Jackson listened to him instead of talking it through with Ally.

• Communication in a relationship is CRUCIAL! When you involve third parties, you just create problems, misunderstandings and pain. You should directly TALK to one another, fully express your feelings to avoid unnecessary pain.No matter how bad it hurts, a heart to heart conversation is the best solution.

• You are the ONLY one who can save yourself! Unfortunately no one can heal for you or decide to stop taking whatever substance/thing, YOU are addicted to. No one but YOU has that power. If you aren’t strong enough, or do not have the willpower to do it on your own, the best thing to do is to seek professional help. No matter how much you love someone, you can’t do the WORK for them.

• ABY! Always Be Yourself: It is important to BE able to BE Yourself around the one that you love, to be silly, to be fun, to be crazy, to let yourself loose. If you can’t do so, maybe you are not with the right person for you. However, it is up to you to define that for yourself; you are the only one who can. I loved the chemistry and connection that Ally and Jackson had in the movie, they didn’t hide who they were besides everything that was going on, and that authenticity was beautiful to me.

I love movies and I love the ones that can inspire me, empower me, stir up something in me, help me move forward, laugh, get through the day and learn some lessons that I can implement in my own life.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend that you do and maybe you can share with me in the comments, your own side of the story.

PS: The songs were amazing.

Marième Faye


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