Respect in Marriage – Areas You Need to Respect Your Husband


A successful family is establish on the platform of mutual respect of the husband and wife. No marriage thrive without respect. In this article I shall be pointing us to areas a wife must respect a husband in order to maximize there marriage.

1. Respect his orders and instructions. Never argue with your husband especially in the public, in the presence of your in-laws, his friends and children. It is very wrong to carry out your husbands instruction half-way; respect him fully by total obedience.

2. Respect his personality. Give him a pet name such as “My Lord”, Honey, MD ‘My Dear’, Heritage, My crown, Mine, etc. Stop calling him with your childrens name, this is barbaric and do not accept to call him by name.

3. Respect his clothes. Treat his clothes well. Never fling them on the floor because you want to wash them. Never scatter your bed or room in the name of arranging his cloth. After washing, arrange them for ironing, arrange the ones that are meant for the wardrobe and hang the rest. And if it is a joint decision by both of you to use launderers, go ahead and be in charge. Take care of his under wears, ties, shoes as well.

4. Respect his family. Acceptance of you by your in-laws especially your mother-in-law, is an insurance on your marriage. Never speak evil of your in-laws, show them due respect, do not join other wives of the family to form caucus, it will back fire. Show them your love; let them know that they are welcome in your home. Not just your own family, accept them as yours.

5. Respect his properties. Never be a destroyer of your husbands properties in the name of anger. Some women react violently at the slightest provocation and must break something in the house. It is ungodly to be in the position of scattering your husbands life. Be a plus to his life by aiming to make him increase on every side, not to set him back.


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