Stop Smoking EFT and Kinesiology-Based Muscle Testing – Case Study History and Background


“Marcelle” saw her family benefit from EFT tapping and Kinesiology-based muscle-testing and treatment. She was interested in stopping smoking using these techniques. And I am delighted that she has graciously agreed for me to write about her treatment so that others can benefit from this powerful combination. I am writing about “Marcelle’s” treatment as it unfolds, so you know that it is for real.

Marcelle was a 15-a-day smoker. In my experience, this implies deep emotional reasons for smoking. A 20-a-day or 10-a-day smoker tends to smoke one packet and when finished, simply have to stop for that day. There are packets of 20 for most smokers, which supply enough cigarettes to fit into the hours available normally for smoking. And the packets of 10 are usually used in Cape Town by those who cannot quite afford a packet of 20 and have to ration their cigarettes to last. For someone who is more physically than emotionally addicted to contain themselves and not smoke the 5 remaining in a packet of 20 is very unusual. And so, I was not surprised to learn that underneath that strong exterior, there was some past turmoil for Marcelle to release.

Marcelle had been the black sheep of her family of 7. She was blamed in childhood for whatever went wrong, and then given a hiding for it. She had recurring lower back pain in the coccyx or SI joint area, which in terms of energy healing means the need to let go of issues, an insecurity, and the need to belong or feelings of rejection. It transpired that the latter was indeed the case, as she had been picked on at school by snobbish children. The pain has been more prevalent in just over the past year without any obvious physical cause, which suggests that something emotionally significant has occurred just before a year ago. Marcelle also has had a few health scares in the past year or so, including a benign breast cyst, as well as challenges with blood sugar levels and high blood pressure for a couple of months. The health scares also indicate some emotional stresses at the time. Luckily, family members with problems that may have contributed to this stress have already been successfully treated, but it is something to watch out for anyway, in case Marcelle has any residual stress from that lurking about in her energy system.

Armed with information, we proceeded with the first session. We treated mainly one general issue from childhood, in order to reduce its impact on the need to smoke. We then determined that is was good to proceed with cutting down to 12 cigarettes a day, I gave Marcelle simple, non-triggering homework to do, and we happily arranged our next appointment. I predict that Marcelle will be mostly able to stick to the 12-a-day agreed reduction, and that we will be able to reduce this further next time. She knows that her treatment will not be as fast as some relatives’ treatments and is happy with waiting. Mostly, this is because she knows that everything will proceed at a pace that is very comfortable for her, and that it will be easy for her to succeed.

EFT is a great way to release the emotional (otherwise referred to as habitual) components of smoking gently and effectively. Short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT involves stimulating easy-to-reach acupressure points whilst repeating a releasing phrase. EFT is best performed in the waking state, where you are fully awake, and you remain conscious at all times. Kinesiology-based muscle-testing is a remarkable tool where the muscles in an arm or leg are used for bio-feedback from the mind-body. Using this bio-feedback enables a quick and far-reaching conversation with the unconscious mind that you can experience in the waking state. This in turn enables a fast and effective negotiation with the unconscious mind that enables you to break past barriers to success and move forward towards your goals. Thank you, Marcelle, for providing this case study for the benefit of all.


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