The Quit Alcohol Oath


I want to share my quit alcohol oath to people who have not been successful in dealing with the problem. Promises are made to be broken as they say, but I want to make it clear that it can be done as long as the person is finally keen on changing his ways and here it is:

I will refrain from drinking because I don’t like to look ugly when I grow old: People who drink liquor lose their skin elasticity. It becomes dry and skin eruptions may occur to the once matte-finish face. Wrinkles may start to appear prematurely as a cause of liquor intake. This could make a thirty year old person look ten years older or even more. Worse thing is what used to be a handsome or pretty face now looks crumpled like a crepe paper.

Never will I indulge on it again: For what reason will one go back to drinking if it cannot provide what the body really needs? The body requires the right kind of food in order to let its system perform its task. Feeding it with essential nutrients will ensure a smooth flow from within. Consuming the substance can cause unimaginable number of diseases. Diabetes, Cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension and cancer are the bonuses that we can get out of this vice.

I want to have a well-balanced mind: Under the influence does not assure anybody to have a sane mind. There will never be a good decision coming from a drinker and what’s more is that good judgment cannot emanate from him as well. It is not wise to think that a mind can work better when the person has had drank liquor. Liquor is toxic and it is in contrast with vitamins and minerals that make the body function. As these essentials is food for the brain, this liquid substance is poison as it degenerates with its presence; to quit alcohol means maintaining a healthy mind.

I will find another means of diversion: Alcohol can cause headaches and body pains so it is not proper to take it as a form of diversion. Relaxation means giving way for your body to ease out stress. Drinking liquor can cause a headache when taken in excess and it makes you feel uneasy. Since stress-related work burns you out during the week, headaches caused by alcohol does not go well with the kind of diversion tactics that you would want to be in. Exercise can suffice for this or indulging in sports would be the best alternative.

I want to change my lifestyle:Being free from alcohol means free from worries in the future. Since friends and family members have forewarned you about the impediments that can be caused by quitting on it is a very welcome idea. One can start anew and go back and retrieve the relationships which got lost along the way. It is a good idea to change your present lifestyle into something that these people, who love you so much, can be a part of.

I’d like to see my offsprings grow up: Everyone dreams of rearing a family of their own. A family that is healthy is one of the things to look forward to. How can a person raise one if there is a bottle lying on the table or on every corner of the house? Children copy what their parents do and see them as models; you want to be the person with whom they can look up to. As they say: practice what you preach and in doing so, you earn respect not only from within the family but the society as well. So it is just right if you quit alcohol and be the kind of person you’d like to be.


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