Awakening Unto Faith-Consciousness and Christ Within


People who suffer mostly in life, both mentally and physically, are souls in complete ignorance of their Higher Self nature. This Higher Self realm, while lying beyond phenomenal existence, is present within each of us. In other words, being eternally Now or transcendental, Higher Nature never encounters time, space and causation. Remaining always transcendental, therefore, nothing of an imperfect lower nature can ever be a part of Its Pure state. By means of the human soul, the purpose-journey of individual life is encountering and establishing this state of Perfection within, to be termed faith-consciousness.

The obvious question is: how do we attain a conscious connection with Perfection. The answer is simple, by transformation of our lower nature. Although innately present within each person, attaining direct contact with Perfection is a matter of first understanding what is causing blockage of this heavenly state into consciousness.

How we remove blockage in more detail is revealed in the second part of this article.

First, let us add context to more general cause of blockage. For generations, through the various religions with their non-cognizable dogmas, this natural potential within has been shrouded in mystery and confusion by controlling the mind-sets of people: that heaven is not attainable here on earth, but later. Soul-clogging statements as these are totally misleading and utterly incorrect. Consequent of religious indoctrination such as this, many then deny their inner Christ. By not cognizing Reality through a clear non-indoctrinated mind, people remain ignorant of their true faith potential. Many cannot relate intellectually to others’ non-religious terms, like Christ within, and other such terms, even though developing this state within is what all the scriptures are alluding to, albeit in codified format. This coded format, sadly, was seized upon by the early church to control the masses in one’s beliefs. The reality is, there is a simultaneous dimension to human existence already in place. But that this Higher state has to be uncovered, come upon from within at individual level and lived NOW as awakening soul, and not in some future time space. ‘Future-time’ does not exist in the eternal transcendental Now.

Of course, ignorance of divine nature within, at physical birth, is normal. But carrying such throughout our lives indefinitely is not the intention of the Creator. Ignorance of Higher nature is present only that we may grow out of it, consciously, by means of crucifying the lower conditioned ego.

Refusing or ignoring to grow out of spiritual ignorance amounts to repetitive suffering by choice. Which suffering amounts to sin.

The opposite of suffering is healing and spiritual well-being. Spiritual healing – of ignorance – is carried-out by divine authority, by the ever-perfecting life-force residing within each of us. Such healing, being of divine standard, requires purification of the body’s inner faculties. When free-flowing through the mind, body and spirit, this divine energy validates faith-consciousness tangibly, no conditioning, no dogma required. In fact, union with this universal life-force is what the Bible is actually alluding to. Sadly, literal interpretation of Scripture, I feel, is causal of so much apathy in this whole area of Christ within, and, Heaven now. Is it not said, ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’? Therefore, by means of going within, this ever-perfecting life-force stirs the human soul — the inner faculties — into awakening, resulting in transformation into Higher Self. Think caterpillar becoming the butterfly: the caterpillar has performed the required work of consuming itself for the purpose of forming butterfly status. Similarly, our own past, stemming over many lifetimes, is consumed by this inner life force in order that our Higher Eternal Self, or Christ-nature, be formed in consciousness.

Difference between Faith and Belief

So, the question arises, is faith required in order to receive healing to allow for transformation? The answer is, No, but, let me expand.

Because faith is consequent of spiritual awakening, thus faith is revealed unto consciousness initially as gentle peaceful silence, after which, by living it, faith grows to become full-grown. This revealing of faith unto consciousness is by way of culturing the nervous system into withstanding the pure Present Moment, or, Promised Land awareness, which awareness, when rooted, transmutes to unconditional love, compassion, fulfilment, or, Faith. Faith then is an extension of active deep meditational silence which, when lived through the nervous system, consciousness becomes established permanently AS every-moment faith, now and eternally, not at some later time.

When — through the mind’s constant exposure to inner silence — faith becomes maturely established, then all aspects of practical life reflect faith in action. Then is God, Life, our Higher Self experienced as One. No longer is God perceived as separate, as somewhere ‘out there, up there’. Consequent of our daily spiritual work, ‘out there’ God becomes localized as ‘in there’ Presence. When ‘in there’ is no longer confined to the limited human body, rather as universal consciousness – everywhere simultaneously. The question of separation – pertaining through original ignorance – is no longer valid as now there is Union. The tombstone of ignorance has been rolled back as inner and outer — Cain and Abel — become harmoniously integrated as God-consciousness.

Faith at this level of course has nothing whatever to do with formal religious faith, respectfully. The reality is, because faith is the eternal nature of every soul, we’re not dependent on being given it by any religious denomination through persuasion or otherwise. And, although the faith seed is present within each from physical birth, it has to be sprouted, then nourished by means of our daily spiritual development practice.

Again, faith is not the same as belief. What many call belief is really selective mental acceptance. In other words, selective belief by means of conditioning regards specific geographical locations or, in particular people. Such belief, while positive, of course, is man-made, conditional, usually associated with previously installed belief systems; in what others have instructed or indoctrinated us in, or, what we’ve been emotionally exposed to by friends, even family, or preached to while in attentive silence. This can also be termed programming. In this context, I’m sure many of us remember – prior to spiritual awakening — periods in our life when we were as adults flapping around like children in the river of life. In other words, before Self-realization we were each inner functioning between good and bad, tears and laughter, suffering and happiness through previously installed or inherited understanding. A capacity of unwitting deviation from divine nature, due to conditioned false belief systems dominating subconsciously in our lives.

Let us look more specifically at what may be blocking personal experiencing of unconditional faith.

Sadhana and Awakening unto Faith-Consciousness

Spiritual nature is experienced when the inner faculties responsible for such are activated to maximum functionality, enabling Higher Self assimilate through consciousness tangibly. These faculties are aspects of the soul or human personality and known as the 12 Cranial nerves in the brain, plus the seven energy or Chakra centres along the spinal column. These centres are means of spiritual growth and are specifically set up by the Creator with the sole purpose of the human soul migrating from lower earth-bound life into experiencing eternal Higher Soul status.

On the way to this eternal state, many fine books can be read and which can be of enormous benefit– including my own. But, alas, such readings can only ever act as sign posts – including the Bible and other Scriptures. Nothing we read actually provides direct experience of what we’re intuitively seeking, direct experiencing of our Higher Nature, now. Eventually we must put the books down and begin the required practical work of daily participation in deep mental silence, and, if necessary, dealing with other situations to be covered shortly.

Personal spiritual work is also known as our Sadhana, a Hindi word meaning ‘devotion’. By means of meditation, yoga and chant, and for some, contemplation, Sadhana is a disciplined approach to spiritual awakening. Such work, in the main, commits to a decision of complete transformation of old into new. A renewal of present and historic mind-sets leading to a totally different, yet natural, ‘new spiritual you’. Where mind, body, spirit function in harmony with the cosmos. The Sadhana of achieving ‘new you’ is our regular daily exposure to inner mental stillness and silence, and the resulting discipline. Seek council of which practice may best be suited to you. My own Sadhana is seated meditation for about half an hour twice daily. Seated meditation is also known as Raja Yoga, meaning Royal Union. But all Sadhana practices are set at achieving Union.

For some, in the beginning, depending how rooted the present mind-set lifestyle, change can prove challenging and even uncomfortable. Meaning, if there is a dragon lurking in our subconscious pantry, then this dragon will have to be faced consciously and defeated, totally – which it will be, for you will not be alone in the quest.

By way of divine encouragement, let us reflect the biblical story of David and Goliath. When David – symbolizing Mind of God — slew the giant, the dragon, with a white marble which he took from his breast pocket. This biblical giant of course represents the personal Goliath, our dragon, and the stone representing the new-found spiritual strength and determination aback of decision to victory over this dragon.

This suppressed Goliath exists because habitually it’s been nourished instead of our squaring up to the demon. And, it’s this automatically recurring sub-mental activity — of nourishing the dragon — which is responsible for preventing experiential faith-consciousness and unconditional love into our lives for living.

So, let’s call this dragon by its name-nature, ADDICTION.

Once we remain single-mindedly committed to our quest of overcoming addiction, then nothing whatsoever can defeat the Higher Power, the white stone within. When put into action, the white stone then represents our soul awakening unto itself, consciously. When unwaveringly directed, it will follow through utterly conquering whatsoever is blocking divine connection unto Wholeness: of freeing totally our soul from the prison clutches of addiction, similar to biblical Peter being freed from his / her ego-nature denial of Christ within to becoming established in faith or, Christ-consciousness. As part of a maintenance programme, during and post recovery, meditation twice daily is the vital key.

Achieving single-mindedness requires action from both the invisible higher dimension and from ourselves practically. Praying to God, while positive, then sitting back and doing nothing, will also achieve nothing. Belief alone is not sufficient, rather a combination of faith development (meditation) followed through with zoned awareness, with single-minded thought-action toward our goal. Addiction is by far the single culprit in blocking overall spiritual wellbeing. That is why we need to stay mentally focused, emotionally anchored, getting deep enough within consciousness to affect steadiness of mind and commitment to our desired freedom. Without steadiness of intellect, inner change remains aspirational only; never starting, never progressing, never achieving. Thus continuing our life experiencing through the same colour procrastination glasses. But, now, it’s time for action.

First Steps to Victory

Prayerful intentions without action remain illusory, ineffective. It’s only after taking that first courageous infant step toward our goal that prayer begins vibrating, materializing. Such is when divine assistance comes from all quarters of Life to our rescue. Without hesitation, take that all-important first step now, today. For, in Truth, in the spiritual realm, prayers become answered the moment we take that first heart-committed step; moving from a crystalized vision to a defined outcome. For it’s a universal law, that, action and reaction are equal to the same force. Therefore, that first step, aback of a victory-charged intention, can lead to leaps of amazing faith, beyond the limited lower ego effort. Thus each tiny enthusiasm-filled step, taken with a made-up mind — regarding intended outcome — is already successful in the Higher realm. It just now requires to be worked out in time.

We remember in the Bible when Jesus shouted in a loud voice: “Lazarus come forth” – Lazarus in this case is you, me: we’re to bring forth our basic spiritual nature that it may be Glorified. ‘Shouted’ means, with commitment, conviction.

Once moving forward step by step enthusiastically, and never looking back, then without fail the next divinely-nuanced step is revealed intuitively. Progressing in this manor represents the guiding flow of the inner life-force assisting with our every activity. Thus, action purifies.

A quick story may help crystalize the necessity of taking action. A woman was stranded on a sheer mountain cliff edge. She could not move in any direction from her present position. She immediately prayed to God to rescue her. A few minutes later, a passing helicopter pilot spotted her and, realizing her dilemma, dropped a rope ladder, with shouts: climb up! climb up! She waved and shouted back, no thanks, I’m waiting for God to save me!

The moral of this story: God works through us and through other people. Regards slaying the dragon, it translates, taking professional help when appropriate.

Summing up

When the conscious mind begins encountering profound inner peace by means deep silence, away from excessive thinking then soul awakening is noticeably taking place: biblically put: “be still and Know” Psalm 46–10. At the practical level, mental stillness creates a Gap in our repetitive thought cycle. Because it’s the Great Purifier, with practice, stillness expands sonically into deeper mind developing a bliss-wave through which ‘knowing’ is appreciated on the nervous system, reassuring that our spiritual growth season is right on harvest. This growth further Initiates a dynamic of ‘mental weeding’, a process which integrates (crucifies) the unconscious content — the lower ego — causal of all repetitive human suffering.

Surly it’s time to gather our spiritual harvest and live ‘be still and know’ consciously through the Awakening soul.


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