How to Build a Network of Power Relationships


In life, you’re only as successful as your relationships. Not a people person? Then, you need to be, especially if you’re employed, own your own business, or simply have to come into contact with people on a daily basis. In How to Build a Network of Power Relationships by Harvey Mackay, you’ll learn how to develop success in your life by building your relationships with people.

A lot of people are not born with natural persuasion or people skills. For those individuals, it can be hard to get along in life, much less run a successful business or perform well on the job. People who are not socially inclined tend to be more depressed and have a poorer self-image of themselves. They usually have a negative outlook on life as well. By developing winning people skills, you can effectively improve all your relationships, even those with people who are in positions of high-power, which can ultimately gain you a lot of success in the future.

Maybe you’re afraid of rejection. Just about everyone suffers from fear of rejection. In How to Build a Network of Power Relationships by Harvey Mackay, you learn how to overcome that fear and excel. This guide also talks about how to sell yourself and the act of putting the “wow” back into your communications with people. It also discusses how you can break down common barriers in as little as 30 days.

In this guide, you’ll find out how you can effectively tackle the job market. No more are the days of sitting at home without employment or working in a career that you hate. If you’re going to be truly wealthy and successful, you must go after the job you want. People don’t simply “luck-up” and get the jobs they want. No, there is a lot more behind their seemingly “good luck”. They know when to “strike” at the right moment. More importantly, they possess all the right communications skills, including how to act on the phone, when to text, when to email, and best of all, they know how to treat people.

How to Build a Network of Power Relationships by Harvey Mackay discusses how taking the time out to care for others can take you to greater heights in business. Sure, it’s never good to get too close to your co-workers or employee’s. Everyone knows that you should always “leave your problems at the door”. However, that doesn’t imply that you should neglect your professional relationships altogether. This guide shows you how to get close and nurture all your relationships – both personal and professional, without crossing boundaries or stepping on any toes.

You are not only as successful as your relationships, but your overall happiness factor is determined by them as well. A successful individual with lots of close, professional contacts is a motivated and content individual. With this program, you have to power to practically break down and recreate all of your relationships so that they work for you. A little proven knowledge goes a long way.


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