How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Addicted to You Again


If you want to get your ex boyfriend addicted to you again you can’t be calling him and begging him to take you back. As much as this seems like the best approach to reignite the lost love affair between you two, it’s not. In fact, women who do this will almost always find themselves facing a future without the man they love. The simple reason is that anytime you call him when you are overly emotional he’s going to label you as desperate. No man wants to be with a desperate woman. It’s simply not attractive.

If you truly want to get your ex boyfriend addicted to you again there’s one thing you absolutely must do. You must ignore him. At first thought this seems like the last thing you’d want to do to get someone back but it’s the best approach. Men are naturally drawn to women that are less interested in them. Consider when you and your ex first started dating. Chances are that you played a little hard to get. You weren’t always available every time he wanted to see you and you didn’t answer every one of his calls. After the break up if you make it clear to him that you are waiting in the wings for him to come back to you, he never will.

This means that you can’t call him after the break up. You need to make a promise to yourself that you’ll stay away from him whenever possible. Move on with your life. You should focus on your career more and spending time with friends. Improve who you are as a person. If you want to get your ex boyfriend addicted to you, you need to transform back into the woman he fell in love with initially. He’ll notice and it will make him want you even more than he did before.


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