How To Handle Your Sanguine Husband Or Wife


Temperament is the most powerful single human influence on any person’s behaviour. It God’s method of producing variety. Sanguine is one of the types of temperament. Sanguines are full of life and excitement. They are full of fun and good humor. They can win you over to anything through the sheer charm of their personality. They are very popular. Sanguines generally like telling funny stories and entertaining everyone around, feeling the need to fill the silence to make everyone feel comfortable. Simply put, they are talkatives.

Sanguines, however, are too loud and lack of order permeates almost every area of their lives. They have poor memory which is usually tied to a lack of discipline. They are also more of a talker than a listener, starts speaking without even realizing someone else is already speaking. They may be ecstatic one moment and down the next, or willing to help or disappears or promises to come or forgets to show up. They have no consistent way of doing things.

If your spouse exhibits this kind of characters, then you are married to a sanguine. You have to understand and sterlingly know to handle your sanguine spouse. It is your duty to do so if you truly love your spouse. The following tips will guide you to handle your sanguine spouse pretty well.

1. Accept your sanguines. That is their inmost need. Avoid judging and criticizing them. Don’t constantly criticize them for telling stories or exaggerating too much for that will leave them gloomy. They need more affection, lots of hugs, more appreciations and kisses.

2. Take time to sit down and listen so they can feel cherished. Your sanguine spouse would want to tell you all the implausible things that transpired during the day. Patiently listen to your sanguine spouse!

3. Assist in organizing their lives and work. Sometimes, assist in organizing your sanguine husband in the office. With a humble heart, keep a copy of his calendar at home and call him with reminders if he doesn’t mind.

4. Offer them much approval. Failure to do so would lead them to look for it elsewhere even if it means giving in to peer pressures to which they are very vulnerable. The sanguine can easily become a flirt due to this. It is your approval that would assist your sanguine spouse to surmount this weakness.

5. Declare to them that you love them in spite of their flaws. Sanguines do not like to be ordered about.

6. Do not drive sanguines too much to get somber and quieten down because they may become negative and depressed, unmotivated and an unavailable workaholic. Notice – sanguines have a flaming need to be at the heart of attention. They want you to listen to their stories and laugh along even if you’ve heard them a million times.

That is their nature. Make them glad!


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