Managing Your Expectations About Marriage


You are going to crash land terribly if you have high hopes regarding marriage from a tender age. As a matter of fact, marriage is not at all a fairy tale episode which you always dream about after watching the Disney movies or the Hollywood’s classics. Reality bites! Hence, you should be more practical instead of being a romantic blind as you are on the way to tie up the knot.

Exchanging vows is a great responsibility. You have to give more than keeping any expectations to get more. More than anything, you and your partner must be matured enough to balance things. Though compassion, communication, love, and respect you should have to overcome the odds and enjoy a blissful matrimonial life. By attending yoga classes or visiting a reputed sexual clinic you and your partner can learn to manage the expectations from the nuptial liaison.

Here are a few things elaborated for your understanding-

Keep less expectation

The secret mantra of a happy marriage is limited expectations and giving lots of unconditional love to your spouse. With big expectations, bigger heartbreaking incidents are related, thus, both the partners should keep their calm and compassionately understand the requirements and expectation levels of each other. This is how they can be more in love instead of increasing the expectation levels towards each other.

Talk freely with each other

Whether it’s about your needs or any other thing in the relationship, you must try to discuss openly with your spouse. It is not only mandatory for the married couples; those who are in a love relationship can also practice the same to understand each other’s wavelength.

Also, the free way of discussion helps to clear many things that often form clouds in a relationship. For example, if you find that your male partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems like premature ejaculation, that is hampering the satisfactory union during the physical liaison, then you should discuss the matter with your partner.

Being the wife, you can talk about the sexual issues of your husband and support him instead of getting angry or paranoid. Erectile dysfunction also known as ED, in short, is not always a permanent problem in men. It is mostly temporary like premature ejaculation. By following the exercise regimes like Kegel’s and other exercises, your husband can improve his performance in the forthcoming days. You can also convince him to consult a sexologist in a sexual clinic to get perfect solutions through exercises, therapies or medication.

Thus, instead of expecting from your partner, you can try to be more understanding. Otherwise, you will be angry and with these mere misunderstandings, the love fades away from most conjugal relationships.


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