Marriage Separation – Do You Need One?


Did you know a marriage separation can actually save a marriage? Did you know many couples separate to let things simmer down from a big argument that they couldn’t seem to resolve while living together? Just because you separate doesn’t necessarily mean the marriage is over.

You see, if you create distance and get a break from one another you can think more clearly. If the person is right there and you’re angry at them then it can make matters worse. That’s why a marriage separation can actually be just the thing you need.

Of course, not everyone will want to try this method, but for some couples this can save their marriage. After all, marriage is supposed to be forever, so you might need to resort to drastic measures. And if you’ve tried everything else what can it hurt?

Additionally, if both agree to not date any one else and work exclusively on the marriage then it could be worth a try. If you can’t co-exist without fighting, arguing and making each other miserable then something has to be done.

You might even consider it a ‘wake up call’ tactic. It may shock your spouse into realizing that you mean business. As a result, they may come to their senses and work on the marriage, whereas, before they were unresponsive.

During the marriage separation you should agree to couples counseling with both partners having an open mind and being willing to change. This is the time to work on both personal and relationship issues.

It’s also a good idea to give each other space and not be on the phone every day trying to persuade the other one to talk over problems this can create pressure.

Believe it or not a marriage separation could be just what you need, so if your spouse has left and you feel like it’s the end of the world, it isn’t. This may turn out to be the very thing that saves your marriage.

Don’t panic, stay calm, and keep trying to work it out.


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