Prostatitis Causes That Rot Your Brain


One of the little-talked about possible prostatitis causes is sex addiction. Or, more specifically, watching porn and masturbating several times per day.

Why might this cause a prostate infection?

Well, let me be clear that it may very well NOT cause any prostate problems at all.

But, let’s look at the whole purpose of your prostate:

1. To create nourishing and protective fluid to protect your sperm. This is important for the survival of your sperm making it to a woman’s egg and fertilizing it

2. To filter out the toxins in your semen, which can accumulate in your prostate over time

But, here is the thing:

If you ejaculate several times per day (multiple times per week), that can put an enormous strain on your prostate. Possibly even enough stress to open it up to infection and other problems.

Again, this is one of the little talked about prostate causes.

But, it makes sense when you think about it.

Fact is, when men watch porn they are very likely going to want to masturbate, and if they do, and they do it several times per day, it can cause prostate problems — either in the short term or down the line.

It’s probably no coincidence that many men who are addicted to porn end up with prostate symptoms.

It not only can rot your brain, but maybe your prostate gland too!

What is the moral of the story?

While it may not be one of the most common prostatitis causes, watching porn and masturbating several times per day could be one of them.


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