Relationship Mistakes Couples Should Avoid


In life, people make mistakes. Even the married couples are not spared because marriage is not all smooth sailing as in any other relationship. And so we hear stories about how two people fall in love with each other, eventually get into a serious relationship, get married until they find themselves in serious conflict with each other after a few months or years. The worse that can happen is they separate and decide to get a divorce.

Being in a relationship is not that easy. And sometimes when the people involved make mistakes, the relationship can be adversely affected. It’s the same thing with marriage. When spouses commit mistakes and they fail to settle their issues, they can become unhappy and decide to quit. Separating, however, can be devastating particularly if the husband and wife have already invested years of emotions, love and security in their marriage.

It would be a good idea then to learn what these common mistakes are so you can avoid them. This is whether you’re married now or are still planning to tie the knot in the coming weeks or months.

One of these relationship mistakes is being dishonest to your partner. If you’re not open with your other half about who you really area, don’t expect him or her to be honest with you as well. When you get married, eventually you’ll get to know your spouse on a deeper level as you live together through the years. So right from the start, it’s best to be just your natural self with no pretensions.

Not sharing your sentiments with your significant other is another thing. While this is common among men, women are guilty of this as well. Men often tend to keep to themselves when they are having emotional problems. Perhaps it’s their nature to close themselves off so people and especially their wives won’t think that they’re weak just because they’re crying or sulking. Society believes that boys don’t cry the reason why they don’t have to show their weak side.

But this should not be so. Keep in mind that you and your partner made a vow to stick together through good times and bad. As such, your other half needs to know as well what you’re going through. So don’t be ashamed to share whatever emotions you’re feeling as this could actually make you closer together. Whether it’s about work, family or friends that bother you, be open about it.

Still another mistake to avoid is neglecting yourself. Yes, you may be married to the person of your dreams but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to take yourself for granted. What this means is you have to maintain your old friendships, your hobbies and interests. Remember that you have your own individual personality before you tied the knot and that doesn’t have to change.

Whatever hobby or sport you’re into, you can continue doing it and you don’t have to force your spouse to engage in it. Allowing yourself to do this will give you more confidence, strength and security as an individual.

If you’re able to avoid these mistakes, you have a greater chance of enjoying a satisfying marriage moving forward.


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