The 5 Warning Signs Of Bagitis – Symptoms Of Purse Addiction


Do you have bagitis? Most women love their purses and couldn’t picture living without one. They come in handy and provide a nice secure feeling. They are also a way to express individual taste and style. What happens when the average love of handbags turns into a more serious condition like bagitis?

Here are 5 warning signs that may signal the disorder known as severe purse addiction or bagitis, as it is called by The Medical Association Of Handbag Therapists:

Home Remodeling For Purse Comfort

Women who decide to take on the expensive task of a home remodeling to make room for their pocketbook collection might have an addiction. Severe cases show special room additions being added on to the home so the purses can live in total comfort. This includes the installation of filtered air, piped-in music and soft lighting so the handbags feel a sense of comfort when they aren’t being worn.

Family Members And Pets Are Showing Signs Of Stress

When one family member is showing signs of bagitis, it can spread to other members of the family as well. Does the family cat have a kitty-themed tote bag hanging from her collar? Is the family dog wearing a designer back pack to go out and do his duty? If the man of the house gets his lunch packed in a leather purse with shoulder straps instead of a paper bag, bagitis is running rampant in the home.

Secret Purse Pilfering

The secret purse pilferer is experiencing the advanced stages of this disorder. Secret pilfering means that a woman will start off by purchasing a giant handbag. She will then put a second, smaller one inside the first. Into the second one will go more bags until the layers of handbags are deeper than the rings on an ancient tree. It may take three or more days for this lady to find her car keys.

Fabric Is Unsafe In Your Presence

A sure sign of handmade bag addiction is the way family and friends react when they see the addict with scissors in their hand. Advanced bagitis causes the victim to have uncontrollable urges to cut up clothing into little squares for sewing handmade bags; even if the family members are still wearing them. If you ever see someone out in public wearing clothes in tatters, have compassion.

Purse Addiction Hot-lines Are Hanging Up On You

Purse addiction hot lines are made for women who need someone to stop them from buying yet another purse. They can’t be fooled, however. The call should be made from home. The hot line operator can hear the sound of the cash register on her end of the line.

Is there hope for the women addicted to handbags? At this point, research is still being done to determine whether having too many handbags is really a bad thing. Family pets wearing purses are still waiting to be interviewed.


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