The Importance of Gut Feelings In Relation to Toxins and Depression


Ever wondered why people who are depressed eat more? There is a link between what the gut is telling you and your moods, your health, and your brain. It is like the canary in the cave. When something is wrong with any of these systems it is what you feel inside that measures their imbalance. That is why the body is demanding of food, but not just any food. It is searching for that which will return the good feelings and eliminate the toxins.

Yes! Toxins are the greatest enemy out systems have. People who eat to please their taste are not always consuming the right foods. Salt is one of the worst when taken in quantities, as many tend to do. They believe it makes the food taste better. That is a thought that is detrimental to their health. It results in headaches, fatigue, and feelings of depression. Processed Sugar is next to salt as a bad toxin.

Toxins built up and result in many nasty side-effects. Among them are things like bad-breath, an early warning sign that the liver is not coping with the load of removing these things from the body. If you visit the dentist regularly and still experience this condition then do something about it.

Among other symptoms are consistent fatigue, this indicates that your body is working too hard to overcome the poison you are putting into it. One of the worst things here is red meat which is very hard for the body to digest. It works overtime and takes the energy that should be supporting you during the day and even though you sleep well it struggles.

Stubborn weight gain which is hard to understand if you are eating correctly. It may indicate hormonal imbalance and here again we meet that word. This can be due to the chemicals in food, the personal care products one uses, and even the shampoo you apply to your head. It is what we don’t know about these things that do the most damage.

Constipation can result in the build up of toxins because many are removed from the body during bowel expulsions. If this activity is prevented it adds to the problem.

Muscle Aches and Pains is another indicator of bad health. The toxins may be working against your bones and acting like acid around your joints. This results in bone wear where the synovial fluid is using excreted to act like oil when movement of the joints is required.

People experiencing one or more of the above are in a bad way health wise. They need to detox their bodies and get onto healthy, fresh, organic, and raw foods that will aid the removal of the things causing the problem. This will promote weight loss and pick up the body in ways that allow it to right itself.

While the suggestions may be hard to contemplate for those suffering depression and mood swings, the chances are they will feel on top of the world within a week or so of completely adjusting their diets. In the meantime, in my experience things like a green Granny Smith apples, celery, and natural sugars in fruit and vegetables may ease the condition temporarily.

Another great piece of advice is to grow your own vegetables and fruits and pick them immediately before meal preparation. The taste is astounding and the enzymes are still available. People who opt to live in units that have no garden space are doing themselves a great disservice. Not only are they living without the oxygen producing green plants around them but they are inhaling the toxins from other units that likewise can have the same effects.

As modern living leads to more supermarket outlets for purchasing of food people are opting for the easy style of taking prepared meals from the freezer. In some instances, this may be all right occasionally but the long term effect of doing it regularly is as bad as having take-away food. Nothing is safe unless you prepare it yourself from the freshest ingredients.

Diseases of all type are increasing in number compared to a few years ago. Cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart problems, and strokes, are all on the increase. Everyone of them is avoidable when the body is in balance. Even things like aging is counteracted by good health.


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