Will My Husband Ever Love Me Again? With This Secret You Can Win Back His Love


If you are a woman frustrated that the love is gone from your marriage then it makes sense for you to wonder “will my husband ever love me again”, you are certainly not the first to ask that.

Perhaps your marriage has already gone through separation or even divorce, but if you know that your husband is the man you love and is right for you then you are right to want to win back his love.

The question is how do you do that? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible to win back your husband’s love, grow your marriage or even get remarried, we see it quite often. You won his love once so it stands to reason that you can do it again.

Perhaps the real question is will he love you the way he used to, and to that I might offer you a cautious “no”. You see, people change over time and so do relationships, and that is OK.

Ideally you never want your husband to love you the way he used to, you want him to love you MORE! And in a growing relationship, that is what tends to occur.

Now all marriages go through ups and downs, and I realize it is of little comfort to hear that when you are in such a “rocky” state of your relationship.

So let us talk a little bit about how you are going to get your husband to love you again – not like he used to – but more.

Here is a secret that few women apply but every wife would love to know!

We are all taught to put our spouse and our marriage before everything else, yet few of us really do. Petty selfishness, a little laziness, and the pressures of life see to it that we all fail in this category.

So it is a bit counter to conventional wisdom for me to tell you that now might be just the time to put yourself first for a while! Let me explain what I mean.

There are probably a lot of reasons why your husband initially fell in love with you, but chances are that looking run down, never smiling and in general not being happy were certainly none of what he found attractive in you.

Yet, for a person going through such a tough time in your marriage, that would be quite common for you to experience. The stress of a rocky marriage takes a huge toll on your appearance, your health, and your general attitude about life.

All of that equals unattractiveness, no offense intended.

Think about what your husband originally found attractive about you and try to rediscover those attributes in yourself. Was it your appearance? Hey, no one expects you to look 18 again, but if you have added a few pounds you would love to get rid of anyway, then now is the time.

Make sure your clothes and your hairstyle do all they can for you.

Pamper yourself just a little; if you are alone now, take a short get away trip alone or with a girlfriend. Spend a day at the spa, buy a few new clothes or get a makeover.

If your sense of humor was a star attribute when he fell in love with you before, then listen to upbeat music, watch a comedy on DVD, catch up with an old friend and find out how to put a smile on your face and laugh again.

The last thing you want to do is appear run down, downtrodden, sulking or anything of the sort.

Here is another secret tip to lighten your mood: write down all of your troubles on a piece of paper, then ceremoniously flush them down the toilet. That can do wonders to lighten your inner burden.


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