1,000 + HADITHS FROM THE SUNNAH OF THINGS TO COME: Trials of Anti-Christ or False Messiah, Return of Jesus son of Mary, Signs Before the End of the … Paradise/Heaven Description of Hell/Hellfire

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In my opinion, we are currently entering the begining stages of the Last Days, the days that are described in the pages to follow, about the trials and tribulations in the world, the earthquakes, not just of the Earth, but also the earthquakes of political, economic, criminal, environmental and immoral nature. The corruption is taking over our current World, and the devil worshippers and evil supporters are leading the way of making that which the Creator made prohibited or illegal into becoming legal or lawfull.In this work there should be 1,187 hadiths from the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, (peace and blessings be upon him (pbuh)). There are some hadiths that might repeat with different narrators, or different chain of narration, but majority of the hadiths are talking about the subject of the Dajjal, or Anti-Christ or the False Messiah, the problems that the believers will face as the evil supporters and devil worshippers start to spread out and take over the rule of the world; the return of Jesus, the son of sister virgin-Mary (pbuh), the events that are connected to his return and stay on Earth in the Last Days, description of the Day of Judgment and the condition of humans, during that event, depending on their faith and deeds; description of Heaven or Paradise and the characteristics of those that will enter and be in Heaven, as well as, the description of Hell and the characteristics of those that will be punished in the Hellfire.This project was a result of my first project and original work: “Tafsir of the Qur’an: Study of the Final Testament with references from the Hadith, Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible” but because of page limitations all of the research that went into that project could not make it in the final edition of that book. Readers of this work will find all references used listed directly underneath the hadith content without any additions or subtractions done on my part. This work is just over 500 pages on a large 8×10 format with size 12 font for easy reading.


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