How to Hack Into a Woman’s Mind and Make Her Think About You All the Time


If you are new to the whole dating and seduction game, it is no wonder if you feel a bit anxious about it.

Fortunately, you can completely get rid of that anxiety. All you simply need to find is several ways on how to please girls so that they attach themselves to you on an emotional level in no time at all. Keep reading for 3 surefire ways to please girls and get them attached to you, regardless of what you look like or how many bills you have in your wallet…

How You Can Satisfy Girls And Become Their Addiction In No Time

Technique #1. “There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Surprise”. Every surprise is a good one, so taking your girl on a date in a romantic restaurant would be entirely welcome, even though there is no special occasion evident.

Guys always seem to wait for big occasions like anniversaries before they do special things on their dates with their girls. However, girls adore sensitive guys who can remember both the special occasions and yet still treat them incredibly well even when there is no occasion at all. So, by surprising your girl on regular days, you can be sure that you will get brownie points at the end of it all.

Technique #2. “Spoiled Girls Are Happy Girls”. Girls adore it when guys treat them like they are someone special. Because of this, you need to treat your girl like royalty by opening car doors and regular doors for her every time an opportunity to do so arises. This will make her rely on you for a long time to come, even though it might seem like nothing but a small gesture to you.

When spoiling your girl, it would be important to remember to put the “push and pull” tactic to use every now and then. This means that when it starts to look like you are being taken for granted, you have to stop spoiling your girl immediately.

This will end up confusing her, but she will also end up thinking about you more in the long run and she will end up longing for your attention yet again. In fact, she might even end up running after you!

Technique #3. “Hypnosis Works”. Although this might seem like a fairly sneaky way to get things done, you are sure to get outstanding results and win your girl over with this method – guaranteed. With one particular kind of hypnosis, you can even have the power to get any girl to sleep with you in only 15 minutes.

You would have to send her on an emotional rollercoaster, though, so that she anchors all of her pleasurable states to you and so that she starts depending on you emotionally every time you want her to.


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