How To Make Money With NLP


Do you want to make more money? Of course you do! In this article I’ll show you how Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you make more money in your career, business & how to do it without selling your soul.

Here’s how to make money with NLP:

1. Get That Big Raise

If you know what you want then NLP can help you get it. If you did your job 10x better do you think your boss or employer would give you a raise? You bet they would!

Here’s a simple 3-step process that will get you a raise.

  1. Do Your Work Better & Make Yourself Stand Out
  2. Communicate Your Value To “The People In Power”
  3. Communicate Your Desire For A Raise

That’s really all that’s required for you to get that pay hike you want. This is basic common sense.

Applying the goal setting & communication strategies from NLP practitioner trainings will give you the inner confidence & power to do it.

When you clear away the limitations, you’ll become that star employee. Any decent employer would gladly recognize the value of paying more for someone who does good work. You’ll get that raise in no time.

2. Get The Job You REALLY Want

What is your dream job? What would you choose to do with your life if you knew that you would succeed?

Imagine how much easier it would be for you to find work that fulfills you and also get paid with the skills of NLP working for you. Better communication, focus, motivation, thinking skills… it all plays into how easily you’re able to create the life you want for yourself.

Whether you want to start your own business, or have your eyes set on the top position in the company… good old-fashioned Neuro Linguistic Magic can make it happen!

3. Save Yourself From Self-Destructive Addictions

Even though this article is about how to make money with NLP… I have to also mention the importance of saving money.

Millions of people suffer from uncontrollable addictions that suck money out of their pockets week after week, month after month, year after year. How much of your income do you waste on things that aren’t fulfilling to you in the long-term?

The bottom line here is you want more dollars in your pocket. Well, sometimes the easiest way to get more dollars is to stop wasting what you already have.

Addictions aren’t just the obvious common ones like smoking, alcohol or drugs. It’s also things like shopping, eating fast food, or pornography.

If you have an addiction that costs you just 5 dollars per day, that’s 1825 dollars per year!

Imagine what you could do with all that saved cash! That would buy a lot of groceries. You could take a vacation, put a down payment on a new car or invest and let it grow.

Neuro linguistic programming can help you get over those addictions and get control of your cash flow!

4. Become A Life Coach

How would you like to get paid for helping people improve their lives? That’s exactly what a life coach does. Neuro Linguistic Programming comes with a whole series of tools, techniques, & communication strategies for coaches.

The best part of using a system like this is that it works. And let me tell you something… If you can help people get better results in their career, relationships, health or other common pain points, they will gladly pay you oodles of money to help out.

I was trained in the art of coaching when I did my NLP practitioner and master practitioner trainings… The formula is really easy to learn & it works.

The best part is you can be earning anywhere from 100$ to 250$ (or even more) per hour working from home! If you don’t want to take in person clients then you can do phone coaching (It’s a growing & booming industry).

5. Become a Speaker/Training

NLP has a history of producing amazing speakers. A good speaker is capable of moving audiences & changing the perspectives of their listeners. This means that you become VERY influential.

Now here’s the important part… influential speakers get paid a lot of money.

Most corporate, government & private organizations have huge budgets entirely devote to bringing in speakers for their employees & students to learn from.

Why do they do this? Because a really good speaker has the power to change minds. A good speaker can help organizations do better & be better, which translates into better long-term results.

Do you want to have skills worth investing in? Become a speaker with the power of NLP and you will do very well indeed. Very. Well. Indeed.

6. Use NLP In Sales

One of the most popular applications of NLP is in sales. That’s because there’s so much money available if you can really sell things effectively.

NLP teaches how to sell amazingly well. That’s because you learn how to put your product or service in the best light. It teaches how to communicate the value in a way that people resonate with and such that it fits inside their values.

Each buyer is different. Everyone has a unique way of thinking about the world. You have to communicate in the same way that your customer thinks if you expect to help them buy your product or service.

This is essential whether you’re selling the latest widget or selling yourself to a prospective client or employer.


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