Wives, Here’s a Quick Explanation to the Answer: "Why Pray When God Already Knows What I Need?"


If you’re one of the wives who is sincere about wanting to get your prayers answered when it comes to your marriage, then pay careful attention to this article. We will explain why you should pray when God already knows what you need.

The Big Takeaway Here Is: Pray even though God already knows what you want!

Yes, it is true that God knows the prayers, requests, and dreams of your heart.

But here is the key you must understand: Praying expresses your dependence on God.

What’s most important about this explanation?

Understand that no matter what, God is your ultimate Source, so when you pray to God you do a lot of things:

  • Establish a connection with God
  • Express your humility as you approach Him
  • Show Him that you cannot solve your own problems or get prayers answered without Him
  • Express your total dependence on Him
  • Send a message to the enemy that you are proactive about your relationship with God and you remind him that he is defeated.

Every married woman needs to understand this is key because if you don’t pray to God, your situation may not change or it may get worse.

Also, not talking to God through prayer puts you in a dangerous and vulnerable place for the enemy to attack you severely. In addition, not praying takes you further away from God.

At this point you should definitely talk to God and be honest about how you feel. Tell Him why you struggle to pray.

Lastly, get help from someone who knows how to pray effectively.

I was once in that place, so I know how you feel.


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