Alcoholic Losers Or Victims of Innocence?


The explanation that follows is not meant in any way to mock or jab the real alcoholic. Although the language used is blunt, it is written with words which best portray the common characteristics of an everyday drunk. Because alcoholism is often referred to as the disease of denial, active alcoholics would find it difficult to find words to explain or even acknowledge their illness. Hopefully, this accurate assessment will help some problem drinkers identify the severity of their malady.

So powerful is its grip on the victim, the alcoholic mind manages to convince drunks the world over that they need the ‘high’ in order to function! Furthermore, a typical drunk has such a warped psyche that they believe there is nothing in their life today that sustained sobriety can possibly make better. More often than not, the one with the drinking problem not only turns his or her life upside-down, but they have a tendency to drag anyone who’s close to them into their pitiable turmoil too.

The world of a chronic alcoholic is one of rampant self. Most display self centred, self seeking egotistical behaviour more often than not! Many say that these folks are nothing more than the alcoholic losers of the twenty first century! Weak willed souls who have given up on life and who live only for the bottle. Others with more compassion would say they are simply lost victims of innocence. Ill-fated individuals who have fallen prey to a fatal disease.

Whatever other people’s views are on the alcoholic, the problem today is so great that just about everyone on the planet knows someone, or knows of someone, who has major issues with drink. It’s simply one of mankind’s modern day curses. Alcoholics are riddled with inferiority, even though they themselves may not know it. Most have a negative image of themselves, which probably explains why they’re always on the defensive and at wars with the world. Nothing is ever their fault! Everything would be just fine if only the world would leave them alone and agree with everything they say!

Alcoholic Losers Love to Gossip!

Alcoholic types love to gossip too. So long as they are focusing on the faults of others, they don’t have to work on their own shortcomings. It’s a common trait of drunks to ignore their own misgivings by zooming in on the seeming inadequacies of anyone but themselves. Often referred to as egomaniacs with inferiority complexes, the stereotypical alcoholic is self-centred to the extreme and become impossible to be around, let alone live with. In the mind of a true alcoholic, nothing is ever their fault!

Alcoholic Losers Love to Resent!

According to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), one of the biggest problems their members face is that of resentment. It is said that resentments destroy more alcoholics than any other cause. The reason they resent so much is, once again, to focus on the defects of others so that they don’t have to look at their own faults. Their mind is often twisted to such an extent that they find it impossible to separate the false from the real. A life filled with resentment and loathing can never be productive and fruitful.

There is a solution!

After reading the above, you might think that the everyday alcoholic is destined to a life of unequalled misery and an early grave. Some reading this might also think that the term ‘loser’ is a little harsh, but is it? Loosely translated, loser simply means a person with a record of failing. If trashing your god given life and making the lives of those around you a misery isn’t classed as failing, then pray tell what is? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Many alcoholics can and do recover from their once seemingly helpless condition of body and mind, but only when they throw in the towel and admit to their problem with booze.

Above are just some of the common character defects of a typical drunk, but there are many more. Alcoholics are not necessarily born as awful people. They didn’t ask to be this way, but once in the grip of king alcohol, they get caught in a downward spiral and over time emerge with distorted minds. About 1 in 10 people are said to be alcoholic or borderline alcoholic, but many started out just like everyone else, as moderate, temperate, social drinkers. For some reason, some of us end up in the grip of what is recognised as a progressive illness. A condition which only gets worse over time if left untreated!

The alcoholic who is able to put aside that false pride and reach out for help when life becomes totally unmanageable, is indeed the lucky one. Talk to many ‘recovering’ alcoholics, and most are brimming with gratitude. They have managed to untangle their minds and gone on to live a life beyond their wildest dreams. Those who are able to stop and stay stopped have transformed their attitude and outlook on life from one of darkness and discord, to one of light and relative harmony.


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