Game Over? Not Anymore!


Video games have been condemned by almost every parent and every news organization around the world, claims like they increase violence in children, waste time, results in poor eyesight and so many other claims. Some of these claims maybe true, but this does not negate the fact that there are a lot of benefits behind playing video games. First before I get into the benefits, let me first state the age range that play video games and see what sort of issues these people could encounter and how video games could help resolve them. From what I’ve seen from my own experiences and listening to others, the age group that play video games could start from 9 years until late 40’s. This is a very large age group, and each group have their own issues and problems, from addictions (smoking, drugs and alcohol) to stress from day to day activities which I believe is a default in most age groups. Well, after some research I have found that a very easy and cheap cure compared to drugs are video games. According to research performed in several universities, video games could help reduce stress, improve weight loss and social status, I will do a quick synopsis about each benefit.

Stress and depression have been known these days to be “illness of the century”, where prescription pills have reached market sales in 2008 of almost $ 11 billion ( ) and I wouldn’t be surprised if this sales volume at least doubled until 2012, but unfortunately I don’t have this volume. Of course some cases are only treatable with prescription drugs, but I’m sure that a lot of cases could be resolved with just video games. Studies have shown that video games have the same effect as anti-depressant drugs on the part of the brain that produces dopamine, which is responsible for the mood shift that occurs after ingesting anti-depressant drugs. Now, you get the same result and without the addictive side effects of these drugs. Being absorbed in a game can distract your mind from all pain and discomfort which can then help your brain build up a tolerance to the pain much easier; hospitals are beginning to encourage children to play video games after having a painful injury.

Looking at video games consoles like the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360, they have taken video games to a new level, were the user will not stay on the couch and look like the lazy stereotype gamer; but it has engaged the user to get up, move and jump around in order to win and to be able to play. These consoles have become very popular, and the demand for more active games has been increasing daily. Now, a lot of the games for these consoles are targeting work out routines and deviating from the typical “game over” style games, it’s a work out that could be done daily and a motivator to individuals who have a time constraint to work out in the gym or sporting club.

Some people face some issues in making new friends, and some lack the social skill to become part of a group. But in the vast world of online gaming, these issues are no longer there. You could join any network, and instantly play online with your friends and new ones. You don’t have to be good looking or charming, you just need to know how to play and the rest will follow. From my own experiences, I have made friends through gaming networks all over the world, people I would have never met except online and would have never had the connection that we have to day unless we were playing these games. The concept is not being online, but before we say a word to each other, we already have something in common that we like playing this exact game; so you already have a minor foundation in your friendship.

Finally, due to the word limit I could not talk about all the other benefits that result from playing video games, but I’m sure that people will start to realize the importance of these games in a child’s upbringing and if controlled could improve your life significantly.


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