How to Sensitize Your Hands To Energy


Sensitizing your hands can be useful in a number of ways. The more sensitive your hands are the more in-tune you can be to life. Sensitized hands can help you detect fluctuations in health, when objects in your home or office have attracted dense energies, even places in your home or office where energy has become dense and stuck or unhealthy from electronic equipment or waves. You can use your hands to detect spirits around you and to scan for whatever you wish to detect.

Here is an easy exercise to help you sensitize your hands.

First remove any jewelry, including rings or watches. Wash your hands thoroughly. A good rule of thumb for washing your hands at any time is to sing the Happy Birthday Song and wash the entire time you are singing. Wearing a short sleeved shirt is best, but you can roll up your sleeves too and get to work sensitizing your hands.

Find somewhere you can be comfortable (Just don’t lie down or you’ll go to sleep.) and won’t be disturbed by phones, children, spouses, or animals. Now either with your eyes shut or open while reading this how-to takes some deep breaths so that your belly expands with each breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Continue to do the breath work until you feel completely relaxed. Rest your hands in your lap with the palms facing upward.

Once you have relaxed, begin to focus your attention on your hands and fingers. Notice if you can feel any heat, any tingling, and any place where there is tension. Try to feel any air currents moving about your hands-are they hot or cold, fast or gentle.

Next raise your hands and with palms facing each other pretending you are holding something about the size of a soccer ball. Gently move your hands in and out a small space as though you are pressing against the ball. Feel the energy moving between your palms. As you continue to press the energy it will begin to feel more formed and like pressing a balloon.

Once you begin to feel the balloon, move your hands out to beach ball size and continue feeling and pressing until you once again feel the energy ball. Now move your hands back close together to about the size of a tennis ball. Notice how much stronger the energy feels now.

At this point decide on a trigger. A trigger is something you do that instantly tells your brain to do something. Some people wear a red rubber band and snap it to remind them of something or break an addiction. It doesn’t really matter; it might be tapping the tip of your nose. Once you have decided simple state to yourself that whenever you activate the trigger, your hands will become sensitized. Eventually you won’t need the trigger, but at the beginning it is helpful.

After you have finished establishing your trigger, disengage your hands. Place them back on your lap and take three more deep clearing breaths. The more you work at sensitizing your hands, the more information you can glean from your world.


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