Marriage Is a Long Conversation!


Leading German thinker and philosopher of the last century Nietchze is the source to my knowledge of this wise observation that “marriage is a long conversation”. While Nietchze generally has a bad reputation for his “superman theories” and his “God is dead” maxim – this seems his BEST philosophic observation about that grand ole human institution – MARRIAGE.

Over the past seven years at our Bi Men Network – so many of our men have repeatedly conceded that they STILL HAVE SOME GREAT CONVERSATIONS with their wives. When push comes to shove many men acknowledge that their wives are in fact their best friends. While women seem to make “best friends” far more easily than most adult men – finding a “best friend” is all too often a major problem for many grown men.

As we all now KNOW – romance fades and sex fades. Youth fades. Outer beauty fades. Energy fades. Growing old is not for sissies as Bette Davis once shrewdly noted!

Do you still converse with your wife? or are you like so many older couples just stuck at the dining table in SILENCE or with the TV or radio on or both reading your sections of the newspaper? How many couples do we see eating out in public in COMPLETE SILENCE. And NOT the comfortable silence of two old friends who are at peace with such quiet.

Well if you are STILL ENJOYING good conversation with your spouse – SHE IS A KEEPER – and most definitely your best friend as well – or one of your top three best friends. It has been said that after 30 we should have only THREE GOOD FRIENDS. Running in packs is for nuns and for youth.

IF you are still enjoying GOOD TALKS – GOOD CONVERSATIONS – with your mate you are indeed very very lucky.

I often surmise that one reason MEN really enjoy GOLF as the grow older is that it is a good cover for FINALLY conversing – really solid TALK – with other men as they ride or walk across so many holes of golf! WHILE walking or riding a golf cart together you can talk without looking into one another’s eyes. ALSO a good reason why bar stools with liquid chat lubricants are a conversational plus. Not having to look directly into another’s eyes! AND those amazing CONVERSATIONS on planes and trains with strangers we never see again. EYES not in direct contact with our chat partner! IF you ever find you need to have a heart to heart talk with your spouse and are not good at direct eye contact consider a long, private “Sunday” drive in the country where you can quietly, intimately communicate with one another.

SO – if you have had a HISTORY of GOOD CONVERSATIONS with your spouse – have at it again. OFTEN – it is just good to take that nice long Sunday drive for the heck of it – even take a picnic along formore fun. BUT even just the spontaneous SUNDAY DRIVE is good. You can both relax and chat with your FOUR EYES on the road ahead and just nicely CONVERSE with your mate! Give it a try – after all – you owe that much to your best friend – right? OK!

Big Hugs & Best Wishes,

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