Spring Is the Time to Cleanse the Liver and Gall Bladder


Spring is liver/gall bladder cleansing time! Here’s how you can easily perform a nice cleanse at home without expensive pills or programs.

Note: Before you do any organ cleanse, you need to cleanse the colon, or large intestine. It doesn’t make any sense to cleanse any other organ, if the colon is backed up or has blockages. The waste from the other organs will not be eliminated, but just be forced into re-circulation and may deposit somewhere else in the body.

So, before attempting this gall bladder/liver flush program, please get a few colonics (or enemas at least), be drinking at least 2 quarts of pure water daily, and include mostly vegetables and fruits in your diet or some other good fiber source daily for a few weeks.

Caution: If you suspect you may have gall stones, do not attempt this cleanse. An ultrasound can tell you if you have them, also if you feel sharp pain when pressing into the ribs over the gall bladder.

That said, here are the steps to take for a simple, natural gall bladder and liver cleanse:

Step 1. From Sunday breakfast through Friday lunch, drink at least a quart of apple juice or cider (a quart and a half, if you are over 160 lbs.) every day. It should not contain sugar or additives or be concentrated. Organic is definitely preferred.

The effect of this much apple is to soften the sludge that tends to build up in the gall bladder, which creates inadequate processing of fats, giving rise to gas, bloating, heartburn, etc.

Be sure your water intake stays high and your overall diet is light — nothing fried, not much beef, never any pork (as it is too dense and requires too much of your body’s energy to process).

An optional Step #1 is to eat nothing but apples and drink lots of water from Wednesday through lunch on Friday, for those who want to shorten the program. But you may experience headaches on the first or second day of an apple fast, as your body starts detoxifying.

Step 2. Three hours after your lunch on Friday, dissolve 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts (or disodium phosphate, if you can get that) into about an ounce of hot water and drink it down. It is extremely salty and may be followed by a few ounces of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice to chase it down. Take no other foods after lunch or for the rest of the day. Keep hydrating, though.

Step 3. Two hours later, repeat Step 2. Keep your water intake up. The effect of the salts is to clear a pathway for bile and sludge to pass through later and not get stuck anywhere.

Grapefruit or lemon juice is good to drink during this time, as it helps alkalize your bloodstream to offset the acid condition that detoxification produces. If you have citrus sensitivity, you can find alkalizing products at a health food store, or put a half teaspoon of baking soda into each glass of water on Friday and Saturday.

Step 4. Just prior to going to bed on Friday night, mix one half cup of unrefined olive oil with a few ounces of grapefruit or lemon juice and shake it well. Drink it down. If you feel queasy after this, a few sips of Coke or Pepsi will settle your stomach.

Step 5. Go to bed immediately and lie on your right side with your right knee pulled up to your chest for 30 minutes. This position keeps the oil in the stomach long enough for it to send a message to the gall bladder that fats are on their way.

Fats signal the production of bile. Lots of fats make the gall bladder go ballistic. When you put your leg down after 30 minutes, the gall bladder literally convulses to squirt out enough bile and, viola, out goes the sludge, too!

I actually felt this happening. After I slid my leg down straight, I felt a kind of tugging for several seconds in that area, as it spit out the sludge.

Now, go to sleep. You earned it.

Step 6. The next morning, first thing, again dissolve two teaspoons of Epsom salts in about two ounces of hot water and drink it down. Follow with a few ounces of grapefruit or lemon juice, if you liked it this way.

Take no food for an hour after drinking this. This second purge propels the sludge and toxins that were released last night out of the system.

It would be best if you could stay close to a bathroom for the rest of the day, maybe the whole weekend. Don’t make too many plans to go outside the house — dedicate this weekend to your health.

What you will soon see eliminated are greenish, jellied bits floating in the bowl, the size of grape seeds up to cherry pits. This is the bile sludge surrounded by olive oil.

Be glad they aren’t in your body any more. You are witnessing years of good health added to your life, and the small sacrifices you made over the last few days are more than worth it.

Other benefits you may notice are a gradual clearing of pain from the upper back, especially the right quadrant, like the shoulder and neck area. Clearing the gall bladder also frees up the liver, the most vital organ we have for all the 500+ things it does every day.

This is a great program to do every few years, as the poor quality of our foods (unless you buy organic or grow your own) and high levels of toxicity in our environments really can stress our digestive systems. Herbal programs can be used every spring, but none of them give the excellent flushing results that this program does.


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