Breaking the Chains of Boredom


It is not a pretty state to endure the unpleasant feeling of lethargy and apathy. Unfortunately everyone occasionally lapses into such a mind frame. I am sure you have had this kind of experience as described by the experts at “Wandering into the kitchen, starting to do the dishes, leaving them… flicking through the TV channels without finding anything engaging, sighing, thinking about what to do, then discounting everything that pops into your mind because you don’t feel like it and flopping onto the couch.”

If this kind of feeling is becoming a common occurrence for you then you need to do something about it because the same website cited above reports that “boredom-prone people tend to feature highly in statistics for serious mental health problems: depression, anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, eating disorders, as well as showing more hostility, anger, and poor social skills… “

How could you get out of this state of mind and shift into an energetic enthusiastic rhythm? Here’s are 3 effective ways:

1. Get yourself started into some form of physical activity. At the very least get of that couch or bed and take a walk. Researchers have concluded that walking improves your level enthusiasm; to quote from a New York Times article “strolls can perceptibly – and immediately – buoy people’s moods.” One other physical shift you can do is to take a shower and dress up a bit; adding a little perfume would not hurt either. Proper dressing infuses greater self-confidence and acts as a tonic on your mind. If you need proof of this, look at two ladies one dressed nice and the other in sloppy attire, the difference in attitude is telling.

2. Get your mind a little more active by engaging someone with greater enthusiasm into a conversation that is upbeat. This is useful because enthusiasm is contagious. Do some light reading; humorous writings could get you some laughter and laughter can energize you further.

3. On the spiritual realm, states of mind that cut your energy levels can only be associated with the devil and not the positive higher spirits. In a bored state of mind, you can hardly be optimistic; since we live here with the promise that the Most Gracious is in full control and shall provide for us, it is better and more natural to be enthusiastic for once you are on that wavelength you tend to have more hope and you see opportunities rather than depressing problems around you. So a little earnest prayer should be in order when you are not feeling up and bright. Pray for positive energy to be able to worship God for in truth, if you are optimistic, upbeat, thinking and acting right, then this could constitute worship. After all etymologists have traced the root of the word enthusiasm to the word “spirit”.

Having discussed the above three points that can positively charge your mood and break the chains of boredom. Let us add a bonus point. If you want to break free from your own boredom, go out there and make another person’s life a bit more exciting. Make an effort despite your lethargic mood, to make another person’s day a little brighter. Since charity begins at home, I suggest you take your child out to the playground, or take your spouse out to some place that he or she finds exciting. Make a small sack for a friend or family member.

I can assure you that if you make this effort sincerely, by the time your action takes effect on the person you are reaching out to, your own mind will catch a blissful fire that will melt the chains of your own boredom and charge you with positive uplifting feelings. Whatever you give out (good or bad) you get back multiplied. As the Wolof saying goes “linga johe nga morm” (what you give out is what you own). The scripture is right; “as you sow so shall you reap.” Take that positive step now and sow some seeds of enthusiastic energy. You shall reap the fruits of positive exciting moods for a life more upbeat and rewarding.


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