How To Hypnotize Somebody Without Them Knowing It In 4 Easy Steps


If you’re the kind of person that likes to take control of their lives then learning how to hypnotize somebody without them knowing it could really help you get what you want. It’s all about making the most out of life, getting the partner we want, the lifestyle we deserve, making the very best of all our opportunities not just for ourselves but for our families as well.

Many of you are probably thinking that’s all very well but is hypnotizing somebody a reality or just some fantasy out of a comic?

Let’s get something clear straight away. Hypnosis is a clinically, proven methodology used by thousands of qualified practitioners the world over. Its used for everything from helping people beat drug addiction to making it possible for operations without need for anaesthetic. Be under no illusion, hypnosis is a really powerful technique.

However you cant just stand in front of someone saying “look into my eyes, you are feeling sleepy”, well you could but they will almost certainly look at you as if you’re an idiot. Luckily, at the same time, learning how to hypnotize someone without them knowing it is not rocket science either.

I’ll let you into a little secret. We all actually experience a hypnotic trance nearly everyday it’s just that we don’t know it and don’t know how to take advantage of it in others. More of that later

So let’s say you see the girl of your dreams or are just about to go into the most important business meeting of your life. How fantastic would it be if you could walk up to that gorgeous girl or step purposefully into that meeting knowing that you were in control, able to make them think whatever you tell them without them even knowing it?

Now if your in a bar or an interview you can’t expect to be able to get away with dangling a watch in front of someone’s face or asking them to think of a fond childhood memory, they will definitely notice and will probably think you are a bit weird. You need a technique that is far more subtle than that but powerful enough to actually enable you to control their thoughts.

Conversational hypnosis is the hypnotic method you need if you really want to know how to hypnotize someone without them knowing it. It is like any other skill. You need to know what you are doing and practice regularly to master your technique. Fortunately there some great courses out their that can help you do exactly that.

However there are also some basic principles that will not only help you make the most out of any situation but also underpin much of conversational hypnosis.

1. Listen and observe.

Listen, I mean really listen. Don’t just let what they are saying slip through your mind somewhere while you are thinking what to say. Gather the information they are revealing. Remember it’s not just their verbal communication that tells you about them it’s their mannerisms and body language, their eye contact or lack of it. A good conversational hypnotist will be able to read these signals like a book that tells them exactly what they want to know. But, with a little practice, you will be amazed at how much you are naturally able to learn about a person just by carefully listening to and observing them to what the other person is saying.

2. Build a rapport.

Whilst you are listening though you need not be simply passive. You can use what you hear and all your observations to start building a rapport with the person. Put simply they will be far more likely to do as you ask if they like you. Again conversational hypnosis teaches you to use techniques such as “mirroring” and “empathetic response” to build this relationship incredibly quickly and effectively. However, even at a a very basic level, if you show someone that you have listened to them by simply repeating part of what they have said or saying that you understand how they feel they will think better of you.

3. Put them into a trance.

What? There I was being perfectly sensible and now you probably think I’m two cans short of a six pack and am going to start rambling on about waving watches around or shooting memorization rays out of my eyes. Don’t worry, nothing could be further from the truth.

Trance is a state of mind we enter every day. All it means is that our conscious mind is fully engaged in the present leaving our subconscious mind unprotected. Ever been concentrating on something so much that someone can stand next to you and say something to you and you literally don’t hear them? It’s that weird feeling when you are vaguely aware someone is there and that they are talking but you are so occupied with what you are doing, whatever it is, that you don’t, or can’t, respond.

Guess what you’re in a trance. Have you ever been reading something and then had to say you’re sorry to someone because you didn’t answer then when they spoke to you? You guessed it, your in a trance. In fact a trance like state is something we go in and out of many times every day. The Conversational hypnotist not only knows this but is able to cause it to ‘induced’ in others. There are many different ways of doing this kind of “induction” but you can start to do it simply by reflecting a persons own conversation when you talk to them.

Use their vocabulary and disperse some of their own phrases in your replies. Your aim isn’t to obviously copy them but rather to demonstrate to them that you really have been listening to them. Do this well and they won’t even notice what you are doing, but subconsciously you will be scored very highly by them as a person that shares their beliefs and experiences. You will draw their focus in upon your conversation. Just like when they are reading a good book, their conscious mind will be completely focused upon your every word. They will be in a trance.

4. Make the suggestions that you want them to believe.

With a practical knowledge of conversational hypnosis you will be able to easily tell when they are in a trance you can test their subconscious response and “calibrate” your conversation to get them exactly where you want them. However even if you are no expert, if someone seems to be completely focused upon you and what you are saying you will have a good chance of making your suggestions stick. Again there are many tricks and phrases you can use to be sure of success but generally speaking if you make creative, positive suggestions they will have a good chance of having a big effect on the person you are talking to.

Starting the suggestion phrase with something like “imagine how brilliant it would be.. ” or “wouldn’t it be fantastic if…” This will give you a better chance of success. So if the girl seems transfixed with what you are saying suggesting “wouldn’t it be great if meeting someone like this was the start of something amazing?” could be rally good for you. Similarly, in that business meeting you could say something like “wouldn’t you just love it if you doubled your profits with my product in less than a year?”

However the real beauty of conversational hypnosis is that, if done well, the suggestions you make are to the persons subconscious. Thy absorb them without noticing and therefore adopt your suggestions as their own thoughts.


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