Lose Weight by Reducing Salt Addiction


Salt, in limited amounts, is an essential part of a healthy diet. Consumed in excess, though, it can spike your blood pressure and make you look fatter because of your body retaining more water to balance the larger amount of sodium present. Here are some tips for reducing your salt intake to slim down fast.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Plant foods are generally high in potassium, which reduces bloating by balancing the effect of sodium in your body. Some of the greatest sources of potassium are oranges, tropical fruits, bananas, and potatoes. Potassium supplements are also available, but their use is often supervised by a doctor because excess is potentially dangerous.

Eat Fewer Processed Foods

In efforts to make processed junk food as addictive as possible, manufacturers have loaded many products, such as potato chips and hot dogs, with incredible amounts of salt. Avoiding these junk foods and eating more food made from scratch will result in consuming far less sodium.

Drink More Water or juices

It may seem counter intuitive, but you’ll need to drink more water to fight water retention. Plenty of water is necessary to flush out excessive sodium and get your salt levels back to where they should be. If you blow up like a water balloon after eating a salty meal, drink extra water to lose weight fast and get back to your normal size.

Replace Table Salt with Sea Salt

Table salt, which is pure sodium, causes mineral imbalances and resultant high blood pressure and bloating. You’ll be much healthier if you replace the table salt in your diet with unrefined sea salt, which contains many minerals, including potassium, that help to balance sodium’s bloating effect.

Use Spices Liberally

Instead of salting your food heavily, try adding spices to flavor it. You may find that you prefer many foods with less salt, after all. Expand outside of your usual tastes and sample spices from around the world. The exotic new flavors you encounter may come to replace your old salt addiction.

Reducing salt in your diet is an excellent and dependable way to lose weight fast. It’s only important to remember that some salt is necessary for good health. Avoiding excess salt as you plan your meals will definitely help you lose weight fast, and you can keep it off by maintaining the habit of consuming only healthy amounts of salt.

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