Stomach Sounds


In case you are wondering if your loud stomach growling is normal – the truth is it may and it may not be.

Relax, if your stomach is making noise and it doesn’t hurt, don’t worry much about the noise. You have to get it checked when the noise is louder than normal and when it causes you pain.

Although gurgling tummy sounds are very common, not all of them are considered normal. Usually the abdominal noise is so loud that we think the others can hear it. Sometimes they can. While we pretend it’s all funny, it is in fact embarrassing. Some people compare having noisy stomach with the hot water bottle tied up to the body and making funny sounds even with a single body move.

Even before we start eating, the moment our brain sees the food it starts producing acids and sending them to the small intestines. That begins the digestion process. Food moves its way forward through the system. You eat, your food goes into the acid – which is there because of the signals sent from your brain, and squeezes its way down. That is what makes loud tummy noises. 80% of the bacteria in the stomach are made by the bacteria of the food we are eating. Food and waste products move through the digestive tract, they trap the air pushing it ahead and that is how you get gurgling tummy.

There is no point in over-stressing about loud stomach growling. While it may not completely stop the noise, eating smaller portions few times a day may help. Some food do not break down until they get to the large intestine, they increase the amount of air they produce during the process of digestion. Foods that have reputation to cause more stomach bloating are: beans, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, peas. High fibers foods, carbonated beverages, food containing artificial sweetener sorbitol, like natural sugar found in most of the fruit, cause bloating as well.


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