Switchwords And Subliminals Can Help Achieve Sobriety


Throughout recorded history, alcohol has been used for both spiritual and not so spiritual purposes. It was considered sacred by many ancient cultures. Ancient Egyptians cultivated beer not only for pleasure, but as a sacrament to the God Osiris. The Ancient Israelites, Persians and Babylonians all used wine to commemorate events that have spiritual significance. Wine was used by the early Christians to signify the soul purifying blood of Jesus. Alcohol and human history are linked, of this we are certain. These links, however, aren’t always so sacred.

In most societies, self control and willpower are viewed as strengths and are prerequisites if you want to get anywhere in life. On the other hand, impulsiveness and addiction are viewed as weaknesses to be avoided at all costs. We are told that picking up a drink is a matter of choice, for many drinkers this isn’t so simple. For most problem drinkers it seems like the choice to drink or not to drink lies outside their control. The impulses just hijack the mind. It’s so seamless, that it often masquerades as conscious choice but in many ways it isn’t. It’s like a virus that hijacks a cell, that cell effectively becomes a zombie.

Is addiction truly a result of weakness though? There is a misconception about addiction. The school that states that addiction is simply a weakness does not fully understand what it means to control an addiction. People are told to white knuckle it, and “Stay Strong”. That might work for a short period of time, but maintaining that is usually not practical. After that stops working, the urges come back, and often, with a vengeance. Been there, done that. Willpower is simply not enough.

So the question remains. What can be done when all else fails? Subliminal Messaging and Switchwords.

What is Subliminal Messaging?

The idea behind subliminal messaging is that the subconscious mind is able to detect messages that are outside our waking perception. This allows various affirmations and suggestions to bypass the conscious minds filter and go directly to the subconscious mind. Often the subliminal programs for alcoholism have affirmations such as ” I like love being sober” Or ” sobriety comes easy to me”. Unfortunately, those affirmations could backfire on you.

This backfiring occurs for a few reasons. If you have deeply rooted negative beliefs and habits those affirmations will not work for you for very long. They can give you a short boost in mood but that is often not long-lasting. When the subconscious mind is exposed to anything counter to your current drinking habit it will resist your efforts to uproot it. The subconscious mind does not like change. It is for this reason old habits die extremely hard. All those affirmations will be discarded because there is nothing in your current experience that corresponds to the affirmation you are saying. You cannot lie To your Subconscious Mind. There is one modality that can bypass this tendency to entrench habits and that is Switchwords.

James T. Mangan, In his book, The Secret of Perfect Living found that the subconscious mind has several “switches”. When these are “flipped”, the results are often instant and sometimes permanent. These words are single words and can be found in combinations called “switchphrases.” They are, in a way, one-word affirmations. But unlike the traditional affirmations that contain statements that your subconscious will reject; Switchwords bypass this rejection and engages the subconscious directly. Which means the result is more sustainable. What is great about Switchwords is that you don’t need to believe in them in order for them to work for you. That can’t be said for traditional affirmations.

Integrating Switchwords subliminally behind audio and video creates the most profound and lasting changes. Combining them is a fairly new concept and holds great promise for so many people who struggle with problem drinking.


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